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Fabrications: Mark your calenders!

Do you like textiles and fabric?

Mmmm...fabric! Who doesn't love it?

Of course you like textile and fabric!  That’s why you read this blog!

Are you going to be in Wellington on Sat the 19th of November?

If so, mark your calendars for Fabrications, an expo celebrating all things textile and fabric related.

And I’m going to be there doing something new and exciting.

An old and exciting Japanese fukusa (gift square)

I’ll be hosting a Antiques Roadshow type event, where you bring me a textile object of any type that you want to know more about, and for a gold coin I’ll tell you everything I know about the textile, except the valuation.

What, what’s that!?!  Isn’t that the whole Antiques Roadshow thing?  It’s all about what an object is worth?

Well, yes, kinda.

I don’t particularly like the value-focused approach to antiques in the first place, and it works particularly badly when applied to textiles, which are the most intimate form of antiques: worn on our bodies, carried with us, the mementoes of births and marriages, celebrations and survival.  What a textile is worth is so much more than a monetary value, and I like to focus on that.

My grandmother's novelty-print fabric. Worth a lot to me!

So what kind of textiles can you bring?

Anything really:  old fabric with fun patterns, your grandmothers wedding dress, a scrap of mystery brocade, or a perfectly pristine embroidered apron.  I know a lot about a lot of textiles, and well, if I don’t know about yours you will have had the honour of having completely stumped me!

And of course I’ll bring some of my own textiles to have on display, and will be wearing a fabulous frock.

A scrap of Chinese cloud collar




  1. OH! I want to go to that! I love your idea. Are you planning to wear a gypsy inspired statement frock? You’re “doily reading” instead of palm reading. 😉

  2. jackiead says

    I too wish I could go and hear you speak on textiles. I have been collecting textiles for years.

  3. Squee! It’s gonna be a good un! Mind you, next time ?I have an idea like this, I’m going to immediately think about chocolate instead. Soo much simpler for the hive mind!

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