Shell’s dress: The skirt

Actually, this post is about the skirt lining of Shell’s dress, because I foolishly neglected to take any photos of the skirt outer in progress.

The skirt lining is cut to the exact same pattern as the skirt outer though, so you’ll get the idea.

The skirt: lots and lots of folds, and a wide train

Because of the width of each of the four back skirt panels, and how narrow my fabric was, I had to put joins in the bottom of each skirt panel.  You can see them in the bottom right of the photo.

They don’t look great on the lining, but I’m confident they will be barely noticeable in the final dress.

Isn't the spread of train gorgeous? And look whose watching...

I’m going to need to trim a lot from the skirt sides.  The train is also longer than it looks:  I have Isabelle the dress form raised to her full height.

I’m in love with the dotted swiss fabric.  It’s such a lovely fabric to work with.  I wish I knew what the fibre makeup was.

Felicity loves it too. It makes a good cat tent

The spotted fabric ads a lovely, fun, touch to the dress.  You’ll just see glimpses of it as you pick up the skirt, and the spots are so subtle that they won’t show through the outer chiffon crepe, or rub against Shell’s skin.

And besides, I firmly believe that lining fabrics should always be as cute as possible.  Even if they can’t compare with having Felicity as part of the dress.

We are teh cute



  1. It’s all looking so beautiful!

    I have one question: how do you keep Felicity from snagging the fabric? Mine get on the fabric and start kneading and pretty soon there are pulls… is there some trick to making them not act like furry little chainsaws?

  2. It draped and flowed so beautifully in person. Can we see more of the waistline pleating? Pretty please?

  3. jackiead says

    Does Felicity think she might be a part of the wedding party? She would make a cute flower cat.

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