19th Century

Favourites of me from the photoshoot

These are my favourite photos of me from my photoshoot with Theresa.

She got some wonderful images, and it’s great to see the Japonism dress in action.


In other news, we’ve had crap, cold, grey, wet windy weather since this photoshoot, and I have too much to do and am feeling a bit flat (unlike my bias silk crepe seams, which is part of the problem). So sorry if my posts aren’t as perky as usual.


  1. It is really great to see the Japonisme dress in action, and the botanical gardens are the perfect background for it! Now that I can see more of the dress, I’m very fond of the skirt.

  2. How lovely are those photos? That photographer sure was great! 😉 Okay, okay, I’ll stop tooting my own horn and will just say that you looked utterly amazing in that dress. I love the wildflowers, and the one of you with the globe-like statue thingamabob. About to conquer the world!

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