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Magnolias in springtime

To me, springtime in Wellington means a glory of magnolia blossoms in the suburb of Thorndon and the botanical gardens, an obsession I share with noted NZ artist Rita Angus.

The magnolias were at their absolute peak when Theresa and I visited the gardens last Friday, and some of the best photographs were taken against the serene mauve petals, or in the dappled shade of the twisting branches.


  1. Zach says

    I had so hoped when you said “we dressed up” that you meant it literally in your first post! You both look beautiful!

    • Yes, both of us! I was pretty tired on the day though, and so tempted to stay in jeans and out of a corset. I’m glad you appreciate the effort!

  2. The photos of you in the magnolias really remind me of Impressionist paintings…how about running them through one of the Photoshop filters that makes them look “painted”? Would you mind if I played with them that way?

    • Oh, please do! I’m meaning to do it myself, but am so busy at the moment! Would you like me to send you full sized files?

  3. Wow! These are so beautiful! Great work…and beautiful models both! I am truly in awe of your talent.

    Thank you for sharing!

    Staci Murawski
    der schmetterling

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