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Sunshine, spring flowers, and Jeanne Samary

My friend Theresa, who modelled in Pompeii to Paris, is in town, and she asked me if we could please, please, pretty please do a photoshoot while she is here.  And could she wear the Jeanne Samary dress?  And since she asked so nicely, and since it is Theresa, and since she is gorgeous, of course I said yes!

Unfortunately we both had scheduling issues, so I wasn’t able to arrange a full photoshoot with a decent (e.g. a lot better than me) photographer.  So we decided to just keep it really low key.  We dolled each other up and ran around in the Botanical Gardens with my camera on a Friday afternoon and hoped we got something good.

The photos themselves were a bit tricky as the light was really difficult, but the afternoon itself was a blast; the perfect way to spend a day with a good friend.

These are my favourites:

And the very best one of all:


  1. In my humble opinion, the photoshoot turned out very well, and you are right, that last photo is really good. Congratulations to her in looking so wonderful in that winning dress!

    Thanks too for showing springtime light. Here the light and flowers are fading…

    Very best,


    • Oh thank you!

      I’m so grateful that springtime is here: the dark and cold were so hard. I’m going a bit mad for spring flowers right now because of it. I hope you winter isn’t too bad!

  2. Zach says

    I think that is my favorite of all the gowns you have ever made! It looks positively wonderful on you both, and your camera skills are not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

    I agree with the “spring” thing. I love autumn and winter, but there’s just something about spring and everything coming back to life. I just can’t make myself think it can be anything but cold in December, though–if I ever move to a different region, my whole world will be SO out of order!

  3. Hayley says

    Oh Theresa, you were born in the wrong century!!! You look sensational!

  4. Elise says

    And you say that you’re not a talented photographer! Great job.

    And congrats on PorcelainToy, as well. I had meant to comment, earlier, how neat it is that you are breaking into film. Any chance we’ll see you nominated for a Best Costume Oscar in a few decades? What do you want to do with your artist-educator self and your growing fame?

  5. missannajane says

    Theresa looks stunning! I love the shots with her and the magnolia tree. You have an eye for photography ma dear!

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