I do not like Felicity’s newest trick

Felicity figured out how to climb up a long coat hanging in the closet.

And then she walked across the tops of the clothes hangers and explored the closet.

Hmmm...interesting. I think I need to shed on the black stuff.

I guess we need to keep it closed from now on.

What? You can't be mad! I'm cute when I do this!

I wish my cat weren’t so darn smart!

Surveying her new domain


  1. One of my cats does that. She tears the heck out of the fabric as she climbs up hand over hand. And she’s so fast- she gets in if I’ve got the closet open, hanging stuff up.

    I didn’t even know where the pulled spots in the sleeves were coming from until I found her sleeping across the hangers one day when I left the closet open.

  2. Sometimes it’s impossible to be smarter than the cats. I try hard but inevitably fail 😉

  3. I had a cat who used to sleep across the backs of stuff on hangers. Somehow, he managed to get up there without shredding things.
    Cats are infinitely entertaining.

  4. Katy Rose says

    My kitties decided to climb my 600.00 ABS dress one day…Needless to say I was livid and they are lucky to have survived…..I now keep the door to my room closed at all times and I keep a spray thing called Ssscat that emits a motion sensitive burst of air spray at them when they come too close to it. It keeps them from darting in the room…..

  5. jackiead says

    Hearing about Felicity’s adventures makes me smile; she is such an adorable sweet cat.

  6. Our cats are usually nice, well-behaved beings, but today they somehow got it into their heads to climb and jump onto things. Tables. Counters. Good thing the wardrobe was closed!

  7. Becka says

    Clever little beast! Our cats do that, too – well, mostly just the little one. She’s a scaredy-cat in general and seems to feel that on top of the hanging clothes is a safe spot, so I don’t have the heart to stop her!

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