Shell’s dress: The under-bodice and skirt

With the bodice support all done and corded in the bust, and the skirt all done, it’s almost time to drape the bodice.

I must say, the skirt looks pretty amazing:

A swoosh of skirts

To attach the skirt and bodice, I sewed the front skirt to the front bodice, and the back skirt to the back bodice, and then basted the bodice sides together with wrong sides together, to make draping the ruching easier.

Skirt front - needs lots of hemming!

Once the ruching is done, I’ll unpick the basting and sew the bodice right sides together, and then sew the skirt side seams.

The bodice is just pinned up the centre back while I drape the ruching.  I’ll set in a covered zip and buttons after the ruching is done.

Centre back fitting. You can also see how the CB skirt is slightly gathered

To make sure that the ruching lies smoothly over the bodice, and that the cording doesn’t show, I’ve covered the bust with very fine flannel.  It makes Shell’s bust look enormous, but it will all be proportional once the ruching goes on.  For now, it just makes be laugh.

Flannel covered boobies

Before I could begin draping, we had to check one last thing.  The most important thing of all.

Can she boogie in it?

Yep.  Dance happy, boogie worthy, all good to go!


  1. Hei

    I am going to get married. I have decided to make my wedding dress and I am going to use silk chiffon. The skirt will be made of chiffon but I am confused should I have just silk chiffon and lining? Should I have a third fabric between the chiffon and lining?

    I need some guide. Thanks so much.

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