18th Century, 19th Century

Blue and white

There is something so timeless about the combination of blue and white.  It’s serene and elegant, feminine without being girly, evocative of toile de jouy, something blue on brides, and favourite things.

Here are some of my blue and white favourites.

Can’t you just imagine dancing the night away in these sweet shoes?

Shoes, American, mid-19th c, MFA Boston, 47.1520

This bonnet was 20 year old Luciana Foster’s ‘something blue’, worn with a sand coloured silk faille wedding dress, for her 1861 wedding.

Wedding bonnet, American, 1860s, silk, MFA Boston, 47.1519

These undersleeves would add a charming touch of blue  and white to any frock:

Undersleeves, mid-19th century, American, MFA Boston, 48.1217a-b

I positively covet these blue and white pockets, and am going to make my own pair as soon as I find the perfect toile.

Pockets, printed cotton & linen, 18th c, American, MFA Boston, 48.1218

The blue and white could also be your own secret.  Wouldn’t you just love knowing of the blue lining of these white kid boots?

White kid boots, American, 2nd half of 19th, MFA Boston, 49.40a-b


  1. Preetty thigns!! Those boots are just so, so sweet. Love the scallops around the top and the buttons. And the secret lining, swoonworthy. What a good collector of unrelatedly related pogey baits you are! 🙂

  2. Lynne says

    Loved the shoes, then came the boots! Mmmmm! Lovely collection of cool things for a hot day.

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