1. Caroline says

    Hmm… I find that Santa a little unnerving! It looks a bit like an ogre with a black eye is clambering down my chimney. AHH! Still lovely font and wonderful sentiment!

  2. Lynne says

    He is rather unnerving – trampling the chimneys beneath his festive feet. Lovely bit of historical stuff.

    Happy Christmas!

  3. I love how he looks like a crazy, scary old man…. Like a nutter who dwells in the forest and ripped up a tree to brandish, perhaps for those on the naughty list… Very cool.

    Santazilla. 🙂

    I’m so tempted to do some fun photoshop work with this…

  4. Merry Christmas! I enjoyed re-reading many of your articles on my train ride home the other day. Thanks for maintaining such an enjoyable blog to read!

  5. Thanks for the Santa picture!

    I blogged a little bit about Santa’s costume through the ages here. The image you found makes him look like more of a wild man of the woods, but he still has Father Christmas’s wreath on his head. Interesting….

  6. To one of my favorite bloggers….
    Merry Christmas. I wish I could remember the name of the holiday you celebrate at this time so I could wish that to you. Happy ____(fill in the blank)!

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