Cat in a corner

Felicity is practicing “being incredibly cute”

As far as she is concerned it is a survival skill: she needs it to balance out “being so clever that she drives her people crazy” and “being incredibly annoying especially when fabric and patterns come out.”


  1. Natalie says

    wwThat’s the cute kitty-in-a-box pose, isn’t it? A favored ploy here, too, for it always gets me saying “aaaaaawwwwww”.

    Very best,


      • Aha. It looks like she has on a very chic woven collar with a little pocket and has an envelope stuck between it and her neck.
        This, of course, was making no sense in my little brain.
        I don’t think she needs to practice any more. She’s got that incredibly cute thing down perfectly.

  2. I are sooo cute an fluffy, I are buildin’ up brownie points coz I gonna shred some silk chiffon in a minnit…

    • It’s not even the silk chiffon I mind so much: you can always buy more of that! It’s her fatal attraction to patterns: the older and rarer the better!

      • mine like to run, paws extended forward in the manner of superman, into anything I’m trying to lay out.

  3. Lynne says

    Her decision to wear a beauty spot/patch just at the top of her pink nose was so clever! It emphasises the wonderful whiteness (influenced by Noh theatre?) of her face and provides a deliciously off-centre focus for her face! Go, Felicity!

    • Comment of the week!

      I love how my most scholarly posts can trigger the silliest conversations in the comments, and my fluffiest posts (like this one) can elicit such brilliant, academic comments!

  4. You make me want to come stealthily in the night to capture your cat and keep her to cuddle for ever and ever when you post pictures like this. 🙂 Felicity’s just too cute!

  5. jackiead says

    Always the sweet baby kitty. I love her beautiful green eyes.

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