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PorcelainToy’s ‘Monsters’ Music Video – my screen debut as a costumer!

Exciting news!  The launch of PorcelainToy’s ‘Monsters’ music video was on Sunday, and the film is now available online.

Here it is, my screen debut as a costumer!  What do you think?  Can you tell the difference between my dress and the original?  Is it the right mix of pathos and cheesy (just like the original White Zombie)?  And isn’t Elizabeth de la Ray as Madge/Madeline  gorgeous?

Porcelaintoy ‘Monsters’ from Rater/Coder on Vimeo.

The launch night was lots of fun.  It was held at the newly refurbished Roxy Cinema (my neighborhood cinema!) with a dress code of black and white 1930s Gothic.

I wore vintage dress trousers (probably 1940s) and took in Mr D’s vintage dress waistcoat (probably 1930s, with 1950s alterations) to fit me.  Alas, nothing would make his vintage tails fit, so I added a late 1930s evening cape as a wrap, and a diamante brooch.  I was aiming for  “Marlene Dietrich as vampire” look.

Marlene Dietrich in a tuxedo


Bela Lugosi in Dracula


My 30s/40s formalwear trousers and waistcoat

Claire of The Vanity Case, Elizabeth de la Ray, and me in my evening cape at the Roxy

Well, hopefully!  I think I need a white tie waistcoat, and a top hat to really make it work 😉



  1. Wait, is any of the footage from the original White Zombie film? Because it all looks period perfect!

    • Yes, some of the footage is from the original film! There is no way we could have found an actor that looks that much like Bela Lugosi! And some of the footage is a melding of vintage footage and modern takes.

  2. Oh! I don’t know where to swoon first! The video is great, and I love the song. So cool!

    And your outfit! Daaaaaaaayam. Love it. I’d wear that in a hot minute. Beyond stunning.

      • jackiead says

        But, what a pretty camera hog, she’s a fluff. Love the 30’s look.

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