Felicity attacks the 18th century

Felicity found the little bird in a nest that I use for 18th century hairstyles.

Mighty catcher of styrofoam quails

She was pretty much beside herself with delight.  She lives in the hope that she will catch a real bird one day, and darn if she wasn’t going to pretend this one counted with all her might!


Luckily for the nest and bird I discovered her before she did too much damage.  She was so cute I almost let her keep it.

But I'm sooooo cuuuuuute!


  1. LOL! Yes, very cute! One of my cats DO catch birds on occasion. I am NOT amused.

    • Felicity sits at the window and watches them and makes her ‘want’ meow, but she’s a hopeless hunter of birds. She used to catch mice until one confused her.

  2. Your cat is absolutely precious! She looks like she knows how much of a little beauty she is too.

  3. Loves it!
    Her face in the first photo is hilarious. All “there’s nothing to see here!”

    • Sorry, I don’t currently visit etsy for ethical reasons. I’m sure your treasury is lovely. I don’t really like cat things though – just cats! Felicity is the only cat thing in my house – not so much as a single solitary cup or charm featuring a cat anywhere else.

        • I am very curious as well! I’ve been hearing some odd things about etsy, and I’m wondering if I should get more involved there or, well, not.

  4. Lynne says

    Very cute indeed. She deserves a little bird of her own. Stuffed, of course. A decent sized feather is sometimes considered an acceptable substitute. But nothing beats a whole bird AND a nest!

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