20th Century

I want these shoes so much

American Duchess has just launched her first 20th century shoe: pre-orders are open for the Astoria 1900-1915 Edwardian Shoe.  I’m very much in impressed and want one in each colour!  Clearly I need to talk to Mr D about an extravagant early/late Valentines present.

As much as I adore the Astoria’s, these lovelies were my first Edwardian shoe love, the first early-20th century shoe to have me plastered to the computer screen saying “OOooooh…want…now!”:

Shoes, 1900-1905, American (Boston), MFA Boston, 1971.188

Aren’t they gorgeous? Aren’t they swoon worthy?  Don’t you just want a pair in dye-able silk that you can add your own sequins and diamantes to and tie with any color bow?

American Duchess, please add them to your to-do list!


  1. I so want a pair of the American duchess shoes….unfortunately I worked out that it would cost me the same in fees/postage/tax etc. as the cost of the shoes them selves….and I can’t afford the right now. :sad face: All the nice stuff I like is always in the US…

  2. Nicole says

    Oh, those are lovely. I’m hoping to make at least two pairs of Edwardian shoes this year. Those might be in contention for pair #2.

    • Oh no! Does she not offer in your size? But just think of all the real vintage shoes that fit you because of your itty-bitty-pretty feet!

  3. I just might have to get a pair in the ivory for my 1911 wedding dress. I didn’t know such a shoe store existed!

  4. Pinned it to my Edwardian shoe inspiration board on Pinterest. I’m always looking for historical shoe designs that are special – that is, that have cutwork, interesting straps, buttons, a design typical of the period but impossible to find today. These are gorgeous. I love everything about them!

  5. They are beautiful, aren’t they? I love historical shoes. They’re my weakness, along with hats.

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