More teaching! This time in Wellington!

Thank you all, Melbournians who are attending and those from across the world who have expressed that you wish you could be attending alike, for your enthusiastic response to my first international corset class.  Missed the notification?  Here it is:

I’m teaching a corset making workshop at Melbourne’s fabulous craft lounge,  Thread Den,  tomorrow, Friday the 6th of April!  To read more about the course, check out  Thread Den’s class description, and then rush over and  book it.  And when I say, rush, I mean RUSH.  Today is totally the last day to do so, and I think there is only one space left.

The international corset class came at an exciting time, because I was already working on developing a series of courses that I can teach in Wellington.

Yes Wellingtonians, you heard that right: I’m teaching!

I’m very excited about this.  I love teaching.  I’m good at it (I know that sounds vain, but sometimes you need to just acknowledge your strengths, and this is definitely one of mine).  And I want there to be more vintage and historical sewing in Wellington.

So where am I teaching?  Well, if you read the awesome Mrs C’s blog over at the Hectic Eclectic, you’ll know that she has bought a craft store.  Made Marion (because it’s on Marion St of course!) is going to be your place to get everything crafty in the CBD, and to take an awesome series of classes on sewing and crafts and vintage stuffs.  So fantastic!

And it’s hosting my classes: The Dreamstress School of Vintage Sewing!

The Vionnet Dress

I’m starting with 5 courses, ranging from one day workshops, to drop-ins, to four-week classes.  You can learn about fabric identification and textile types (so important, so interesting, and such a huge benefit to sewing!), how to make the Vionnet dress,  how to make darling little 1920s-50s style tap pants to wear while dancing or under full skirts, how to make your own version of the 1930s cape-stole from Elise, or just come in to have me help you with whatever you are working on.

Class sizes are very small: 6 students per most courses, so that I can really give every student lots of one on one attention.

With every course I aim to expand the skill set of every student, whatever level you start at, and give them more confidence to go out and draft their own designs, alter their own patterns, and really be creative in sewing.

For more info, and to register, check out the course listings at Made Marion.

Over the next few days I’ll be blogging a bit more about the classes.

So exciting!  Hope to see some of you there!



  1. I’ll just go ahead and add this to list of reasons why I wish I lived in NZ (currently the only other things on that list all have to do with visiting LOTR movie sites). Congratulations on your new teaching gig! I hope Friday’s class goes smoothly!

  2. It’s going to be so fantastic! FYI, that link may change over the weekend as I take Made Marion to its full web site configuration. I will leave a comment here with a new link if required.

  3. Maire Smith says

    Golding’s isn’t just vanishing? Thank goodness! I was really worried.

  4. Squee! It is all so exciting and we have been handing out class schedules in the shop too. And the bookings are starting to come in too. It’s very, very exciting to have this aspect of the business take off, and the beautiful big tables arrived this week too! 🙂

  5. Oh, and I am sure you will have a fantastic day today teaching your corset workshop, so I won’t wish you luck – you don’t need it because you’ve got all the things that really do matter – talent, commitment, and a great design xoxo

  6. Elise says

    What fun! And the Vionnet dress is my FAVORITE Dreamstress dress. It’s one you can wear today, and I hope that everyone has fun making it and wearing it. And I hope that you have fun, too!

    PS, And how cool to reincarnate the caplet-stole! I wonder what colors people will envision it in! I just LOVE it!

    • Oh, yay! I love that the Vionnet dress is your favourite!

      And thank you for the cape-stole. I hope this is a suitable tribute to it!

      • Elise says

        I thought it was cool that so many people wanted to make it!

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