The corset class in Melbourne

I’m sure you have all been waiting to hear about the corset class in Melbourne and how it went.

Well, it was amazing, fantastic, wonderful.  Not because of me, but because all the people who came and took it were amazing, fantastic, wonderful.  Just the loveliest group of people you could ever hope to spend the day with.  There were 10 fascinating women, each totally different and unique, but all kindred spirits in their love of creation and sewing.      I had the best time meeting them, seeing what fabrics they picked for their corset (so many delicious options!), and getting to know them as we worked through the corsets.

And Thread Den was such a fabulous space to work, and so helpful.  I wish I lived down the block from it!  If you are in Melbourne I definitely recommend paying it a visit (and doing a course there if you are really lucky) – and it’s just down the road from the Fabric Store Melbourne.

So the day itself: I was a little nervous.  And it was weird working in a new space.  And I misplaced a bundle of corset boning.  So things didn’t go perfectly.  But overall, I think we had fun, and everyone’s corset looked beautiful, and hopefully the students learned a lot!.

Here are some pictures from the day:


And sewing

And more sewing

And more cutting

And fitting!

Grommet setting

If you are wondering why it took me so long to post about this, I’ve actually been holding off on this post until some of the fabulous ladies who took the course blogged about it themselves.  Go check out Kitty’s adorable navy & ivory corset  (and her other dresses – *swoon*, and Andy’s amazing Japonisme corset (I can’t believe how perfect her pattern matching is!).

Thank you Thread Den for having me, and thank you, thank you ladies who took the course!


  1. How awesome to teach a sewing class and have your students produce such lovely garments! You must be so proud! And I am so sad that I couldn’t take that class or your tap pants one!

  2. Lei, I’m so glad to see photos of your class … it really brings it to life! Deep respect for your talents and passion 🙂

  3. Imogen says

    Thank you so much Leimomi for coming to Melbourne- I had the most wonderful time! When I showed some friends the finished corset, their expressions went all dreamy, which was followed by a “can I please put it on?”

    • Oh, thank you! It was an absolute pleasure to have you in the class, and I hope to see you again next time I’m in Melbourne

  4. Stella says

    Looks like it went really well. You’re obviously a very good teacher, and I am totally in awe of you for developing the gorgeous one day corset pattern.

    Getting all excited about the 1930s capelet workshop at Made Marion now…

      • Stella says

        Thank you!

        No, I haven’t picked a fabric yet, but I’m probably going to go with velvet. I have to do a bit of thinking about what to get and what colour to go for, because the capelet will be my mum’s 60th birthday gift. I was going to make her one anyway and have a go at reconstructing the pattern from your pictures myself, so you can imagine how excited I was when I saw you were doing the course.

  5. It was such a fun course – you’re a fantastic teacher 🙂 You should come to Melbourne more often! And do an advanced course where we make an overbust! I’d love to make a historic pattern.

  6. Yeah for the post! I got both of your parcels yesterday, now I am looking through everyone else’s posts trying to remember what the next steps in the process is. Did you have them written down anywhere??

    Thanks for running the class I had a great day, I love learning new things and meeting more people who actually like sewing.

    Oh and Thanks for the added surprise…YUM!

  7. Amanda says

    Hi, I am wanting to do a corset making course, and have just moved to Melbourne and have seen you just did one here a few months ago . When are you coming back to do another one? I really hope it’s soon, please please!
    Many thanks , Amanda xxx

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