What I did in Melbourne: the wrap up

I’ve told you lots about the Melbourne trip already, but I wanted to give you an overview of the week, with lots of pictures.

So what did I do?

Got lots of exercise:

Bicycling with Theresa and friends

Bike trails along the Yarra River

A very international group of cyclists

Went to three shows in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival:

Theresa loves the Bedroom Philosopher (even if the show was a little…uneven)

Ate lots of delicious food:

Yummy Korean food

And, of course, went to concerts!  I’ve already told you about Great Big Sea, but we also went to see Brian Setzer’s Rockabilly Riot.  The show was great, but the audience was unenthused.  They didn’t dress up, they didn’t dance, they barely bobbed their head.  They applauded.  They seemed to like it, but they just did’t get involved!

Brian rocks the stage  

We dressed up of course.  Catch me going to a rockabilly show and not dressing up!  I managed to get Theresa’s hair into perfect Victory rolls, and wore my Love at First Flight dress.

Theresa’s hair – my first successful Victory rolls!

Fooling around in the bathroom while dressing for the show

And we danced!  We bobbed up and down and tried to lead each other (man, I suck as a lead) until someone finally asked us to dance.  And then another couple saw us and was brave enough to dance as well, but that was it.  Audience of hundreds, and we were the only dancers!  But hey, I’m not very brave, and I was brave enough to dance when no one else was – yay me!

Theresa’s awesome pink dress as she spins

Theresa on the steps of Parliament after the Setzer show

I also helped Theresa and her flatmates do a massive clear-up in their garden.  Why is housework and gardening always fun at other peoples houses, but not your own?

Getting poked by the rose bushes

I also just wandered and explored the city, with Theresa, and alone, enjoying the architecture and the shops and parks.

Having fun on the steps of a church by myself

And with Theresa

And finally, of course, I taught a corset making workshop.  More about that later.

Busy corsetmakers at Thread Den



  1. Laura says

    No one else danced at a Brian Setzer show? I find this shocking.

    • So did we! And very, very few people were dressed in rockabilly clothes – there was hardly a victory roll or a quiff in sight.

  2. Stella says

    Your photos of Melbourne are so beautiful. I want to go there.

  3. Lynne says

    You crammed in so much! Great that you got up and danced at the rockabilly concert!

  4. Loved my Victory Rolls! You might have to do some historical hairstyling tutorials one of these days.

    I also love the photos in front of the church, for an obvious, just-between-us reason. 🙂

  5. Ack! I lost Matilda’s details (it WAS Matilda? I am *dreadful* with names)….I dont know how but I lost the piece of paper which had her full name on it. You wouldn’t be able to pass it on to me would you?

    Love those victory rolls too – they look great! It’s easier doing someone else’s hair I think. I just can’t seem to do my own.

  6. What a fun-packed trip! I have to say, I have a huge crush on Theresa’s look, with the twirly dress and the victory rolls and all. Can’t wait to hear more about the corset class!

  7. That looks like an awesome trip! I can’t understand people not dancing at shows either, esp. when they’re playing dance music! Those are beautiful victory rolls too. 🙂 Can’t wait to hear how the corset class was.

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