• Stella says

        Good call. I have never spent less than 30 minutes waiting in their checkout lines. Usually it’s even longer.

        • Late night Thurdays! It’s usually dead as anything on those nights – so no lines. Unfortunately, it wasn’t Thursday, and they were doing stocktake, so less staff than usual.

  1. Hayley says

    My local Spotlight currently has “Peddle Bins” on sale for $49.95. I pointed it out to the lady on the checkouts, she rolled her eyes and muttered something about consequences of hiring teenagers. LOL.

    Went back the next week…. they are still Peddle Bins.

    • Carolyn says

      Ohhh. I like the octopus print. I wonder what the fiber content of it is.

      • The Mad Purple Chicken says

        I love octopus print too, but not the cartoonish ones that are commercially available, so I print my own octopus fabric.

      • In all seriousness though, I think it is actually 100% cotton, as I remember actually inspecting fabrics in that section for a project. Cheap, nasty feeling cotton though, so that doesn’t help much.

  2. Stella says

    ::sigh:: Says it all really, doesn’t it? I’ve found Spotlight’s staff are mostly lovely people (except for that one supervisor who tried to convince me the zip I bought wasn’t supposed to zip and therefore wasn’t faulty), but they’re overworked, undertrained, and don’t get anything in the way of leadership. It’s no wonder spell checking isn’t high on the priority list.

  3. After working there for the grand total of 2 weeks before coming to my senses I am not surprised at anything in that place anymore. Btw that was about 12 years ago and things don’t seem to have changed at my local aside from new staff with the same old attitude, sigh.

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