1. You really suit the 17th century (and yellow). You look absolutely stunning!

    • Elise says

      True that. You belong in a certain Dumas novel!

  2. Yesssss! I love that photo I took where the wind is blowing your scarf thingie.

    Actually, I love ALL the photos I took. Because you look aaaaaaaahmazing!

    I want to see an animated GIF of the series where you’re walking towards the camera. 🙂

  3. I think this is my favorite of the dresses I’ve watched you make from afar (so far). Yellow isn’t a good color for me, and I rarely like yellow garments, but this one has something magical about it. I’m so glad you got to wear it! Thanks so much for letting me eavesdrop on your amazing costuming…

  4. I, too, think that this is my all-time favorite of all your historical dresses, and that you look stunning in it!

  5. I doubt you’ll get the full meaning of this as you’re not Czech, but: You look like a princess out of a (Czech) fairy tale film.

  6. The Mad Purple Chicken says

    You look just like a fairy tale princess! I’m curious though as to why you are wearing your hair down, they usually wore it up in the 17th century didn’t they? I guess that fairy tale princesses usually wear it down though, it does look better that way.

    • If you look at all my 17th century inspiration pictures in the portfolio for this dress, you’ll see that the fashionable 17th century hairstyle was half up and half down, which is what I’ve done with my hair. It’s just that my hair is about 6 inches longer than the fashionable 17th century haircut!

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