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The fireworks & flowers Armistice blouse

Remember back in January when I made the Folkwear #210 Armistice Blouse for Maggie? When I was done making it for myself I thought “Hmmm…that was quick and easy and cute, and I have extra of the floral voile I used for the front panel. I should make one for me”.

The Folkwear #210 Armistice blouse

So I cut one out, and got started on it, and then my schedule got overwhelmed with other sewing.  The mostly-done blouse languished on my UFO pile for six months, while I waited for an excuse to finish it.  Then the Sew Weekly ‘Red, White & Blue’ July 4th themed challenge came up, and I thought “Perfect!”.  The little blue pattern on the voile is probably supposed to be flowers, but it has always reminded me of fireworks.

Fireworks + flowers seems perfect for the armistice

I didn’t end up finishing the blouse for the ‘Red, White & Blue’ challenge.  Instead I finished a waaaaaaay older UFO, and dolled up the blouse front with elaborate insertion work for the ‘Embellishement’ challenge.

Sadly, I don’t love the blouse.  It’s just too fussy and over-worked for me.  It will do for historical, but not for something I wear on an everyday basis.  At least I look happy in the photos.  Shell came over and took pictures for me and teased me into having a good time with it!  Good friends are the best.

The lace insertion work going down the front panel

At least I really like the skirt I’m wearing with the blouse: it’s a vintage piece that I found at an op-shop.  It had a broken zip, a 27″ waist and 43″ hips, but I loved the details and the fabrics, so I took of the waistband, let out the waist, tailored in the hips to 39″ and put in a new zip.  I finished it just in time for this photoshoot.

Love the skirt

Twill tape for waist ties

Just the facts, Ma’am:

Fabric:  1.3 metres of self-striped voile with a little tiny print that was probably supposed to be flowers, but looks like little fireworks to me (hence the title of this post, and why I wanted to use it for the Red, White & Blue challenge) left over from  Maggie’s blouse. $16

Pattern:  Folkwear #210 — the Armistice Blouse

Year:  1990s does 1910s (Folkwear claims this pattern is historical, but it’s not accurate)

Notions:  5 metres of white insertion lace ($3), 4 vintage snaps from an op shop (.4 cents — it was 5 cents for 5, and I used 4), a metre or so of twill tape (free- inherited from Nana), and a metre or so of silver-threaded bias binding left over from another project.

Hours:  5 (trying to cut out the insertion with fingers so swollen I could barely slip them through the embroidery scissors was not exactly fast).

Make again?  Probably not.

First worn:  Put it on. Sighed.  Fussed with it.  Took it off.  Sighed.  Postponed photos.  Again.  And Again.

Wear again?  Probably only as a pseudo-historical garment.  Maybe with a blue pencil skirt to teach.

Total cost:  $19.04

The lace insertion work going up the front panel

The back, gathered at neck and waist



  1. Lynne says

    Might it work better tucked-in? And pouched back and front? The insert is most impressive. And I agree with Teresa.

  2. Well you look gorgeous in it! And you’ve inspired me to try to make one for everyday wear. The flowers really do look like fireworks, that’s pretty cool! Great skirt too – nice op-shop save!

  3. It might go better tucked in. The insertions are great and the flowers are cute. There is something about the collar? Or is it the color? Does it need a bright colorful…something. I don’t know. It doesn’t seem to go with your vibrant personality. Technically the shirt is, of course, flawless. It just isn’t you. (IMHO) The skirt is great though!

  4. Seconding (thirding) the tucked in option. With a high-waisted skirt; I saw something very similar recently and thought of your version.

  5. You look great in this outfit! I love the pairing of the blouse with that cute skirt and nude heels!

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