Cat on the ironing board

When Felicity isn’t sitting on the Sky box, her year-round favourite seat is the ironing board.

It’s slightly padded, often a little warm, and just the right height for her to demand pets from any passing human!

Pity that sometimes the humans think that they should get to use it too.



  1. I hope she doesn’t wiggle around too much up there, or she’s going to fall off.

  2. Conrad loves to sit on my ironing board as well! He fell off one time, though that hasn’t stopped him since 🙂

    • Welcome! Luckily for me my ironing board cover is anti-lint, so at least she’s not creating another problem when she steals it for a bed 😉

  3. Lynne says

    Aww! This was being a day that needed more cat – thank you. The problem I have with Maggie and the ironing board is that she likes to hook her claws into the covering – not popular with her mother!

  4. Claire Payne says

    Cwtch and Cariad also enjoy positioning themselves on the ironing board. It’s almost as if they are crying out “Mummy! Look at me!No, not your project. Me. Me. Me.” I swear they are afronted if I do anything other than worship and adore them. Felicity certainly looks like she knows how to get attention. Very cute indeed.

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