18th Century

Pet-en-l’aire magnificence

I still can’t get over how many good shots Theresa and I got from our photoshoot at the old Dominion Museum, and how spectacular Theresa looks in all of them.

Her face just changes from frame to frame, meaning that I ended up with dozens of photos with almost the same pose, but, oh, what a different mood!

Hehe. Do you see it?

All of these photos were taken from the balcony around the entrance hall of the old Dominion Museum.  It’s such a great place to shoot – with balconies on both sides, you can get every angle, and lots of different kinds of light.

I love how you can see the details of the side-pleat in these photos

The only problem with these is her face is so amazing you hardly notice the outfit!


  1. Robin's Egg Bleu says

    Absolutely stunning work! And gorgeous photos!

  2. Yes. The pet is lovely, and Theresa is very talented as a photographer’s model. (Perhaps she should consider changing careers….)

    • Thank you! The headdress is actually just a length of silk chiffon and a bit of brocade ribbon wrapped around her head with some ostrich feathers stuck in. We were in a hurry!

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