And another one down, and another one down…

I use a lot of thread, and whenever I finish a spool of thread Queen’s Another One Bites the Dust plays in my head.

And another one down…

And another one down…

And another one bites the dust!

Last week, thanks mainly to the pleated 1883 in every way skirt, I used up four full 150 metre spools of thread, two full 100 yard spools, and a further two partly-full 100 yard spools.

I’m really sick of Queen!


  1. Lynne says

    But you’ve got a great collection of wooden spools for someone who makes children’s toys!

    • I do! But I don’t know anyone who makes children’s toys. I keep all the wooden spools, and toss the plastic ones. And I just used another spool up!

      • Lynne says

        Someone in your fan club must know a toy-maker. If it comes to the worst, the spools can be given a good wash and strung on a string with some big wooden beads – and you have a chew toy, something for waving about and damaging the cot with, something to bat that waves around above the baby’s head… All that, and they make great wheels! Maybe your young Sunday school pupils could have a ‘make a baby toy’ craft day. Or there is French knitting. I used to enjoy that when I was a child, and our spools were made from a wooden cotton reel with four nice little round-headed nails tapped into the top. Much nicer than those plastic spools they sell for this. Oooh, wot larks!

      • Joie de Vivre says

        My mum is in early childhood and loves getting plastic thread spools for use with the kids, they’re big hits, so I’ll collect them off you if you want! I keep mine for her but only generate one or two a year, most of my garments don’t use that much thread and I don’t make many anyway.

        I’ll take any wooden ones you don’t want as well, I have a few craft ideas that require them.

        Spools are awesome.

        • Right, I shall henceforth save the plastic spools! The wooden ones though….what say you can have one wooden one for every project you finish? 😉

          • Miss Joie de Vivre says

            Oooh, thanks, mum will be delighted!

            Trade sounds great but you’ll need to set your terms nice and clear :)Are you thinking only sewing? What about repairs and refashioning? And what about knitting? I may only have sewn one dress this year but I’ve knitted a doll, two pairs of adult slippers, one baby hat, two pairs of baby booties, and am part way through the next pair of baby booties! Do I get extras for complicated techniques or self drafted patterns? Do I have to give one back if I finish a garment but decide not to keep it because I don’t like the fit?

  2. I remember painting those wooden spools and we’d string them on shoe laces and make necklaces…only to unstring them and re do it.

  3. Demented Seamstress says

    There must be some use for all those nice wooden spools, I can’t think of what though.
    How odd to have a song play in your head every single time you finish a spool of thread. I don’t usually think much of finishing a spool, nor do I usually associate song with sewing. But a while ago I was adjusting the tension on my sewing machine and found myself singing “Keep the Tension on” by Gowan.

  4. Claire Payne says

    Oh I wish I had seen this post before I bought ceramic knobs for my renovated 1940’s kitchen unit. I have filled it with fabric and sewing supplies and thought it would be a novel idea to use wooden sewing reels as knobs but I had only one available for the job. I love wooden sewing reels. They do have a certain charm about them.

    • Oooh, what a lovely idea! I’m sure the ceramic knobs look lovely though. And now you know who to ask if you ever need wooden spools for another project!

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