20th Century

I want to go to this party!

These dresses are all from June 1920.  Aren’t they scrumptious?  I’d wear the one on the left with the roses on its bodice, or perhaps the dark one coming down the stairs, or perhaps the one on the far right – such a gorgeous back!

The description for the frocks reads:

Free Lance, 30 June 1920, Page 20

Which would you wear?


  1. Demented Seamstress says

    I would wear the one on the left too. The 20’s are so cute!

    And I think her fan is made of cotton candy, it must be. Compare the detail on the two fluffy fans in front with the feather far in the back. If the fans were feathers then they should have at least that much feathery detail, but they look nothing like feathers.

    I don’t like going to parties much, because I’m terribly shy, but I would love to go to this one.

  2. Lynne says

    Oh, I like this fantasy! Imagine me forty years younger, and a size 12 again – in that case, I would wear the one on the right with the bow at the back. Because I can’t see the front, I can pretend it allows for a bosom – I don’t know how I’d have crammed my then 34B into that bust-less/mono-bosom look!

    Minus the fan – it does look like cotton candy (candy floss in New Zealand), doesn’t it? Such good shoes, too!

    Wot larks!

  3. I love the dress on the far right and the one on the top left (top of the stairs). I’m kind of in the same boat as Lynne above with the theoretical bust issues…The criss-cross front of the top left one has potential! Loving the fluffy feather fans and the idea of combining georgette and linen. I’m diggin’ the illustration.

    • Aren’t the fabric descriptions the best? And they did such inventive things with fabric in the 1920s! It’s taught me to be quite adventurous with combining things.

  4. I went to that party! Well, sort of. A few years ago, my husband’s company holiday party was held at the San Francisco City Hall and had a “roaring 20’s” theme. Some of the dresses were vintage creations, some were really good reproductions and some were a steampunky re-imagining of the era. It was amazing. City Hall’s staircase is very much like the one in the illustration.

  5. Elise says

    I would wear all of them, except for the two in the center. But the others are claimed by me.

    • Lynne says

      I’d try the coat-thing on the left one of the two center dresses – I always fancied glancing disdainfully sideways while snuggled up in that much fluffiness. Maybe while waving a candy cigarette in a holder – I’m anti-smoking! 🙂

      • Isn’t the coat-thing fantastic? I think it’s so gorgeous! Of course, this is the early 1920s, so smoking is still quite scandalous! Wave your fan instead!

      • Elise says

        As a former smoker, it’s so sad sometimes to think that I miss smoking so much for the ‘glamour’ aspects: languidly blowing smoke in the air, gesticulating with a cigarette.

        My health thanks me, though. So–what shall be the next Glamour Piece to Fiddle With?

  6. Cheyene says

    I would wear the one to the farthest right- the woman who looks a bit alone and is wearing VERY pointy shoes.
    I love the layers and sleeves! 🙂

    • They all have VERY pointy shoes don’t they! I love that so many of these evening dresses have sleeves. It’s so refreshing.

  7. Lori K. Gibson (aka: Obelia Mercedes Gibson {OMG}) says

    The center dress – the row upon row of ruffles – sooo che’ che’!! I think another term for it would be: ‘a brick sh*thouse’ – it would sooo rock!!

  8. Claire Payne says

    The lovely V-neck on the top left would be my choice as the 1920’s most definitely do not flatter me. Love your favourite with the rose too. Oh let’s have a 1920’s party! High jinx and high tea. 🙂

      • Claire Payne says

        Well if you are free shall we go to The Hippopotamus or Martha’s Pantry after the vintage pattern weekend? I’m having a shopping day on the Monday after the course. I could wear my newly created silk 1930’s frock 🙂 Heck I shall start the high jinx by strutting through Wellington wearing my newly created 1930’s frock. Oh yes.

  9. Yan Jing's family says

    New to your cool blog. I choose the white dress, top left, next to the black one that you like. Love the neckline and cape. It reminds me of a gown that Ginger Rogers wore in Swing Time 1936 (see Swing Time “the kiss” on YouTube). Though, maybe the 20s dress is more drapey.

    Curious about how you use the term “high tea”. High tea is the working person’s tea with rustic hearty dishes, not the delicate fancy dress “afternoon tea” with tiny sandwiches, little cakes, and scones.

    My friend taught me a lot about tea. You can check with her. She opened a tea shop in Port Townsend, WA. Her blog is Pippa’s Real Tea.

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