Want to sew along with me?

I’ve been doing Sew Weekly this year, and have amassed a great wardrobe of self-made stuff, both vintage and modern.

However, my historical sewing has suffered.  It’s been a very un-prolific year for me history wise, and I miss getting really dug-in to elaborate dresses and hand sewing.  All I got done this year was the pet-en-l’aire (and it still needs trimming), the tea gown (and it needs a re-working), Nana’s corset (and it needs straps, and I haven’t even shown you photos), and the 1883 pleated skirt.

The 1900s tea gown

Thinking about next year, I’ve decided I have quite enough clothes, and I want to focus on historical sewing.  I’d love to do a historical sew-weekly, but I don’t think that’s feasible – I’d just end up creating a ton of drawers and cartridge pleated skirts and would always be in a rush.

Instead, I think 2013 will be the year of the Historical Sew-Fortnightly.  Over the course of the year I’ll set myself themed challenges, and sew 26 fabulous historical garments.  Some will be quite elaborate, some will be simple (but hopefully beautiful and well-made) chemises and drawers, but those are important too.  It will be an excuse to finish some long overdo UFOs (Polly Oliver!  Luna moth!), and to indulge in a year long celebration of historicism.  I’m so excited!

The 1780s pet-en-l'aire

As to what constitutes historical, I’ve decided I’ll go with anything older than 75 years, so pre-1938.  However, I’ve also decided that at least 20 of my challenges have to be pre-1900.

So I have three questions for you:

  1. Would you like to do it along with me?  (Please say yes, because half of the fun of Sew Weekly was having people to do it with!).
  2. If so, any suggestions on how to arrange/coordinate such a thing?  Should we have a group flickr, or a pinterest for each challenge?  I’ll definitely create a side button for my site as part of a mini-revamp I’m working on, and can create a page for each challenge where you can leave comments linking to yours.
  3. What should I do as challenges?  I need 26 fantastic ideas that will prompt me (and hopefully some other seamstresses) to create 26 fascinating historical garments.


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