Afternoon tea at the Coronation Cafe

Today I gave a talk on the interaction between tea and fashion at an afternoon tea charity fundraiser for Ronald McDonald house.

It was held at the Coronation Cafe at the Museum of Wellington City and Sea – a charming venue themed around a display of reproduction British crown jewels made for the New Zealand centennial.  We had tea, I talked, we visited with guests, lots of photos were taken, and a lovely time was had by all.

Many thanks to the wonderful Daniil for being the photographer!



    • Elise says

      The other Elise (me!) agrees completely! Great names think alike in great ways, I think!

      (looks like a blast!)

  1. I’m struck by how the model wearing the pet-en-laire looks like Rosamund Pike… Overall, it’s interesting to see the dresses “interchanged” between the models we have previously seen them on… Beautiful dresses, and it certainly does look like you had a good time.

    • Seeing the dresses on different bodies is one of the things the models commented on this talk, and one of the things I really love. It’s amazing how they will fit people who think they are drastically different in size and shape, and still look beautiful. It also helps show how many sizes and bodies would have looked historically.

  2. karenb says

    After all the work in sewing the dresses it must make you proud to see them being worn in an appropriate setting.And the guests are so lucky to get to see the outfits up close instead of behind glass in a museum display.
    As Hana-Marmota said in the previous post, it’s interesting seeing them on different models.

  3. So fun seeing the gowns on various models — I agree, Kerina does look a little like Rosamund Pike!

    Good work on the photos, Daniil.

  4. Claire Payne says

    How I long to take tea in such frockalicious splendor. Magnificent indeed.

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