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Glory Days are here again

OK, I don’t have a proper post for you today, but I do have something which, in it’s own way, is more exciting.

New Zealand finally has a proper vintage lifestyle magazine (albeit an online one, but that’s the way of the future, is it not?) and I’m writing a regular column for it on vintage fashion and textile history.

The first issue has just launched, so hie yourself over to Glory Days  at Issuu.com  and  read my first column ‘Fiesta Fashions’, on the Mexican influence on fashion from the ’30s-50s.  It’s on pages 34-35.

And then you can read the rest of the articles 😉

For now, here is a picture of Felicity looking adorable as she naps on a vintage suitcase:

Naptime for Fiss


  1. That’s really cool, kind of ironic that it’s online.
    I just read your article and found it quite interesting, it was really neat to see pictures of garments you’ve written posts about.

  2. Elise says

    As a southwestern native, it was so cool to read words that perfectly describe my Texas grandmother’s wardrobe choices in old photographs! (My grandmother who was born and raised on the Arizona-Mexico boarder, however, never would have worn it! Ha!)

    Interestingly, much of what you describe was worn by me as a little kid, and my family still has a trove of guayaberas, and the long Mexican peasant dresses. Mum wore her dresses when she visited me in Hawaii–sort of a take on the muumuu!

    Nowadays, Spanish-speakers where I currently live in Albuquerque still wear little bits–as do fans of Mexican/Spanish Colonial culture. But in my native Arizona, the habit has completely fallen by the wayside due the fear drummed up by anti-Spanish-language, anti-Mexican laws.

    I love that you wrote about something that used to be quaint and oh-so-fun (and still was in my childhood), but grew into a political statement! I know that you only had fashion, and not politics in mind, but I have to tell you that your article meant so much to Spanish-speaking, equality-seeking me!

    • Elise says

      Hey–sorry I waxed political. The truth is I loved the article. Happy Congratulations!

      • Oh, not at all! I love how you see the bigger issues in every picture! It’s something I would have loved to delve into more, but word count and all 😉

        I was just busy and didn’t manage to respond to comments.

  3. Sarah says

    Congratulations on your great article! Hope it’s the first of many. As always, Felicity is stealing the show! She just couldn’t be any cuter.

  4. I enjoyed the article. Glad you picked the subject for your first article. Vintage mexican clothing is right at the top of my vintage wish list right next to sarong dresses.

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