1. Sarah says

    Felicity deserves her own Facebook page! She is just so cute! Don’t know how you manage to get all your fabulous sewing done with that little face peering at you!! Looking forward to seeing you latest make.

  2. Is that SWAG I see on that instruction sheet in the background? 😉
    And – felicity is adorable!!

  3. Demented Seamstress says

    I suppose looking really cute does count as helping, sort of.

    I very much like the look of that spotty fabric, I can’t wait to see what is is!

  4. I know the Internet is all about cats (well, my Internet is anyway) but that first picture is the best Internet picture of a cat ever! You’ve made my day, thanks! 🙂

  5. MJ Ruisi says

    this is a great read,I am so inspired ,You are so Productive and always on the mark with fabrics and the appropriate patterns by which to cull out the best use….can’t wait for this years amazing works…thanks for inspiring…

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