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The 1770’s linen paniers – done!

Yay!  The Panier-Along is done! (or at least all the instructions are up, feel free to keep making them and leave a comment on the page with a link to your finished paniers).

Panier-along button2

My paniers are done too.  I won’t have time to do a proper photoshoot with them over a chemise and with stays for a few weeks yet – too busy teaching classes, running off on road trips with friends to the South Island and Art Deco weekend and doing my own sewing to get dressed up.

So here is a quick holder photoshoot with my super-historically-accurate tank top and denim skirt, just to show that they do work:

1770's paniers

1770s paniers

1770s paniers

1770s paniers

The Challenge:  Under It All (undergarments)

Fabric:  Brick-red linen ($2 at an op shop some years ago)

Pattern:  self-drafted, based on the pattern in Corsets and Crinolines and other historical examples

Year:  1760-1780

Notions:  Cane hooping ($6), heavy twill tape (less than 20 cents at an op shop), twill tape ($1), linen thread (inherited from Nana)

How historically accurate is it?  Very – all the materials are as close as I could get to period accurate, and it is hand sewn with linen thread using period stitches.

Hours to complete:  4 of actually sewing, another 8 of documenting and blogging

First worn: Wednesday 6 Feb (Waitangi Day) for photos.

Total cost:  Under $10 (Yay!)

And two final photos – here is Felicity helping me with the last bits of sewing:

Happy lappy kitty

Don't finish it and make me move!


  1. Claire Payne says

    Just the thing to wear with a denim skirt 😉 You could start a new trend. Only joking. Of course the question on everyone’s lips is what goes on top? I will look forward to seeing the full ensemble to put the panier into context.

    As for Miss Fissy, oh how I want to give her another cuddle.

  2. Lydia says

    Maybe this is a really dumb questions, but with the dress over it, how would you get to the pocket? Would you just have to put slits in the dress or would it be for items that you want to carry around but maybe don’t need them to be easily assessable?

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