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1813 Kashmiri dress – evening ambiance

On Monday I travelled up to Palmerston North to give a talk to the Rose City Quilters – always a lovely time.  I talked about the Indian influence on Western textiles, and wore my 1813 Kashmiri Dress, now with a bit of extra neck trim, and suspended sleeve drapes.

After the talk I ended up doing an impromptu photoshoot.

1813 Kashmiri Dress, thedreamstress.com

My photographer did an excellent job, really paid attention to lighting and angles (and was my computer bag reflecting in the mirror behind me).

1813 Kashmiri Dress, thedreamstress.com

We got an amazing set of images, particularly as we only had a staircase and the corner of a bedroom to work with, and night lighting.

1813 Kashmiri Dress, thedreamstress.com

I particularly like this one.  The blur makes it look like an antique painting:

1813 Kashmiri Dress, thedreamstress.com

Aren’t the shadows fantastic?

1813 Kashmiri Dress, thedreamstress.com

And the reflections in the mirror?

1813 Kashmiri Dress, thedreamstress.com

To finish off, after all the serious period poses, an obligatory smiling shot:

1813 Kashmiri Dress, thedreamstress.com

I still wish the back of the dress didn’t dip so low, but I’m thrilled with the rest of it.


  1. Kathy P in Pittsburgh says

    Lovely dress, and it looks wonderful on you. I think the back is perfect but imagine that it might feel a little “open”.

    • Thanks Kathy!

      The back does feel a bit exposed, but visually the line doesn’t look right to me. That’s what you get for cutting into your fashion fabric without doing a proper toile or mannequin drape first I guess! C’est la vie.

  2. karenb says

    I love this dress too. And the colours of the rooms plus your dress went lovely together. Love the gathers at the back.Your hairstyle looks fine in it too. So I shall just have to say I love it all.

    • Aww <3 Thank you Karen!

      It's a pity we didn't get any detailed images of my hair - I was really pleased with how it turned out, but it was nearly 11 when we did the photoshoot, and I was tired and didn't think of everything.

  3. Lynne says

    Lovely photos! I do like the slightly blurred one – very ‘painting’ – but the mirror reflections are excellent. I do like mirror shots, and with costume, you have the bonus of seeing the back as well as the front.

    • Thanks Lynne! I wish we’d gotten a non-blurred version of the blurred one, as it shows the back pleating so beautifully, but for atmosphere, it can’t be beat.

      Mirror shots are wonderful, aren’t they?

  4. Pretty pictures! You look so elegant and tall.
    I used to think Regency looked silly and frumpy, but now I love it.
    I blame you, and Lyze from The Ornamented Being, for sewing so much pretty Regency stuff. You make it look absolutely adorable.
    I also love those back pleats.

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