Sewing cat

This week sewing is kicking my butt.  Polly Oliver is still fighting, but my problem is that I have 5 projects on the go at once.  I keep running into stupid problems with all of them, so I can’t get any of them, even the simple ones, done.

Perhaps tomorrow will be a better sewing day. Perhaps Polly Oliver will finally be done, and I’ll find the perfect lining for my Squares, Rectangles & Triangles project, after the lining I had picked out turned out to be a stretch, and I’ll flat out find the lining for the cape I am making, and the silk velvet will sew without crawling out from under my sewing machine and I won’t forget to get my lavender thread out of the car when Mr D takes it to work…

In the meantime, here are perhaps the flat-out cutest pictures of Felicity I have ever managed to take.  She’s playing peek-a-boo in my latest project.


Not there…

Felicity thedreamstress.com

Not there…

Felicity thedreamstress.com

Haha!  I see you!


  1. Zach says

    I hate it when projects don’t move along! It seems like they take forever. In the mean time, those are, indeed, very cute pictures to look at! She’s just so adorable! It’s kind of funny how we’re all cat people. Maybe it’s something psychological that needs to be looked into.

    • Me too! It’s so annoying to work and work and not see progress.

      Hmmmm…is it a myth, or are sewers/historical costumers actually more attracted to cats than the general population. Someone needs to do a PhD on it. It’s a challenge!

  2. Aww, she’s so cute. Sewing is kicking my butt too at the moment. I have a nice Janet Arnold project all lined up for squares rectangles and triangles, but I’m not very well and just haven’t been able to get to it.

    • Boo, I’m sorry to hear that 🙁

      Best of luck with a last ditch effort. We need to do a Wellington HSF get-together!

  3. Yup, sometimes everything combines to prevent sewing satisfaction! Lovely pics of your adorable cat though 🙂

  4. Lynne says

    Just what I needed! My day is brightened by Felicity.

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