Month: November 2013

Hey look! I’m a Raleigh’s girl!

Remember my 1919  cardigan?   I couldn’t find an inspiration image that exactly matched it when I was making it, but I was sure that it was perfect for the late ‘teens, early ’20s, and it turns out I was right. I’m a Raleigh’s girl! via the BBC Perfect match! Of course, I’m sure hers is linen or something summer-bicycling compatible, but it does make me want to recreate the white dress and tie a yellow scarf around my hair and do a bicycle photoshoot on the hills around Wellington!

Terminology: What is a reticule or indispensable?

Since I don’t want my HSF-marathon posts to get monotonous, I’ve come up with the clever idea of combining them with other thematic posts, for double-goodness.  Today I have a cute finished project, and a long overdue terminology post. First, some terminology: A reticule is a small drawstring bag carried as a purse by a woman in the 18th and early 19th century.  It was also used as a synonym for any kind of purse or handbag carried by a woman. The name comes from the latin reticulum, meaning a net or mesh bag (the same word has given its meaning to reticle – the cross-hairs (or net) in a firearm scope or telescope).  It entered English, as so many fashion words did, from the French, in this case, reticule. The word was first used in the 1730s, but remained relatively uncommon through the 18th century.  The Memoirs of the Reticule states ” I am not aware of any mention of the reticule until after the French Revoluton.” At the end of the 18th century, …

HSF Challenge #24: Re-do: Evening violet tap pants

In attempting to do ALL the challenges in one fortnight I’m having to be at least a teeny, tiny bit practical about some of my projects, which means not  everything  will be as elaborate as the Greek Key dress. Besides, one of the challenges was Starting Simple! So, a simple item: little silk tap pants: So what challenges do the tap pants cover? They aren’t quite as a multi-challenge as the Greek Key frock, but they get a few checked off the list: #0 (the bonus challenge): Starting Simple  – Such a simple practical garment #3: Under it all  — They are going to go under ALL my summer frocks! And oh, look, they could also count for: #25: One Metre  — 80cm of silk?  I’m in! And I’m feeling excessively celebratory about the Greek Key frock, so I guess I am doing all 26! I wanted to photograph them on Fanny, but I had a brain blip and forgot to press them before I put them on her.  Oops! The Challenge:  #24: Re-Do Fabric: …