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Hey look! I’m a Raleigh’s girl!

Remember my 1919  cardigan?

The 1919 robe sweater thedreamstress.com


I couldn’t find an inspiration image that exactly matched it when I was making it, but I was sure that it was perfect for the late ‘teens, early ’20s, and it turns out I was right.

I’m a Raleigh’s girl!

Raleigh bicycle poster 19teens via the BBC

Raleigh bicycle poster early 1920s

Perfect match!

Of course, I’m sure hers is linen or something summer-bicycling compatible, but it does make me want to recreate the white dress and tie a yellow scarf around my hair and do a bicycle photoshoot on the hills around Wellington!


  1. My first bicycle at age 13, was a Raleigh. I had forgotten the brand name.

  2. Lynne says

    I think her cardi is probably some kind of knit. Look at the way it hangs, flaps, and drapes. Raleigh is an English make, and I think a nice knitted cardi would be just the job for a Sunday cycle! 🙂 You are spot on! What a happy discovery.

  3. Wow, isn’t it always amazing to find or make something and then realise it looks like something else from the past? I found out a copy of one of my Gunne Saxe blouses was used in an episode of Murdoch Mysteries and I was so excited!

  4. Oh, do! That photoshoot, I mean. I’m sure your cardigan is well suited to a windy place.

    It’s funny how they point out it’s all steel in those advertisements. What else would bicycles back then have been, I wonder? Nowadays, it’s probably all fancy alloys I can’t name.

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