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HSF Challenge #24: Re-do: Evening violet tap pants

In attempting to do ALL the challenges in one fortnight I’m having to be at least a teeny, tiny bit practical about some of my projects, which means not  everything  will be as elaborate as the Greek Key dress.

Besides, one of the challenges was Starting Simple!

So, a simple item: little silk tap pants:

Tap pants thedreamstress.com

Tap pants thedreamstress.com

Tap pants thedreamstress.com

Tap pants thedreamstress.com

So what challenges do the tap pants cover?

They aren’t quite as a multi-challenge as the Greek Key frock, but they get a few checked off the list:

#0 (the bonus challenge): Starting Simple  – Such a simple practical garment

#3: Under it all  — They are going to go under ALL my summer frocks!

And oh, look, they could also count for:

#25: One Metre  — 80cm of silk?  I’m in!

And I’m feeling excessively celebratory about the Greek Key frock, so I guess I am doing all 26!

I wanted to photograph them on Fanny, but I had a brain blip and forgot to press them before I put them on her.  Oops!

Tap pants thedreamstress.com

The Challenge:  #24: Re-Do

Fabric:  80cm of stretch silk @$12 per metre (on sale)

Pattern:  my own

Year: late ’20s-1938

Notions:  Thread, hooks and loops, domes (stash).

How historically accurate is it?  The construction and pattern are perfectly accurate, the lycra content, not so much.  Say 80%

Hours to complete:  2 – super fast and easy

First worn:  Not yet, but as soon as Wellington gets warm again (we’re having an cold spell after the weekends gloriousness) I’ll be pulling them out.  

Total cost:  $10

And I realise that this is pretty much the most boring post I’ve ever written, and that just won’t do.

The solution to all boringness is, of course, Felicity.  She certainly keeps my life interesting!

I do most of my hand-sewing sitting on the couch.  Half the time Felicity demands to be on my lap, on or under my hand-sewing.  The other half of the time, she sits on the broad, sloping back of the couch, like so:

Felicity the cat thedreamstress.com

She likes to sit just so that her paws can reach down and touch my shoulder as I sew.  She sits there and rests her paws on my shoulder, and falls asleep, safe in the knowledge that her person is right there.  I literally sew under the paw of my cat!

Felicity the cat thedreamstress.com

It’s pretty much the most adorable thing ever.

Sadly, she’s so far refused to do it for the camera.  I’ll keep trying to capture it though!


  1. Karen in Michigan says

    It’s very comforting to have a sewing cat help, isn’t it? I’ve recently rediscovered my sewing mojo and Pumpkin has figured out that he can sit in my lap while I’m at the machine as long as he sits still. And Smokey Joe likes to hold the pattern pieces still on the table. Makes it hard to cut, though.

  2. Elise says

    In our house, and in with our dog, we call it ‘foot-cuddling.’ Ivy likes to rest with one of her adorable paws pressed against one of us in the same way we humans would hold hands or cuddle on the couch with our human loved ones. Animals are wonderful help.

    • Ivy is clearly very devoted to you!

      Sometimes, my cat Sugar will actually take my hand between her two paws in what is very like hand-holding, or a hug. It’s a wonderfully loving gesture from a very affectionate cat.

      • Nice! When my cat does that she’s usually thinking “does she really need this hand? She doesn’t seem to be using it. I wonder if she’d notice if I just took a little bite…”

  3. Aww, she’s such a wee cutie. Mine sometimes sits on the arm of the couch beside me when I do my sewing.

  4. Lynne says

    I have to admit that you have the best ever cat!

    And the pants are so beautiful, and look really comfortable, too!

  5. You cut the branch you were sitting on by posting Felicity. Everyone comments on her!
    I’ll be a good little reader and comment on the pants. They look great – I like that tiny hem very much. And silk underwear is always good, right?

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