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Fairies! And Dinosaurs! At Versailles!

Fairies and Dinosaurs (Gustave Dore) thedreamstress.com

You know those days when you are having brunch with friends and someone says “We should have a fairy party!”


Well, among my friends group not only does that happen, but then I pipe up with “Yeah! Fairies! And Dinosaurs! At Versailles!”

So, because a number of us had big, exciting birthdays, or little, equally exciting, birthdays this year, we had a joint birthday ball with that as a theme.  Because of course!

I was hoping to get my Marmotte Masquerade stays done for it, but they weren’t ready and I needed to concentrate on party prep, so I just wore the outfit I had been planning with my gilt stays as a backup. C’est la vie.

I’ve never gotten proper photos of me in the stays, so while I’m sad that the Masquerade ones weren’t done, I’m excited about pictures of me in the gilt ones, especially since Sarah the Photographer and I managed to pop down to the beach before guests arrived and get in a quick photoshoot (the benefits of a hall just across the road from the sea!).

I did some sitting on rocks getting my derriere poked:

18th century fairy thedreamstress.com


18th century fairy thedreamstress.com

And some wobbling about with bare feet on cold evening rocks:


18th century fairy thedreamstress.com


18th century fairy thedreamstress.com
I can’t wait to see Sarah’s photos from the shoot (I’ll let you know when they pop up on her LiveJournal in the next week or so).  For now I have the ones Mr D took of me while Sarah was photographing me.  Mr D is an irregular photographer – he gets the occasional great shot and a lot that are out of focus or have poor lighting.  Flaws aside, some of these are pretty cute!

18th century fairy thedreamstress.com

18th century fairy thedreamstress.com

Especially the ones where I try to balance too ambitiously and fail 😉

18th century fairy thedreamstress.com

 Quite fairy-like indeed !

Sarah and I had lots of fun with the decorations and food:

Fairies & Dinosaurs party thedreamstress.com

And there were some amazing costumes, particularly Sarah’s and Madame O’s.  I got photos of Sarah by the water on her camera, and I hope someone got better images of Madame O than I did, because her outfit was fabulous.  It involved fairy lights!

Fairy friends thedreamstress.com

Fairy friends thedreamstress.com

I may not have managed an actual light-up costume, but I did manage to include fairies & dinosaurs & Versailles in my outfit.  Rococo pastel dinosaur battle hairdo FTW!

18th century dinosaur hair thedreamstress.com


  1. What a wonderful theme! I must have a whimsically themed party of my own someday, although my Bastille Day birthday high tea was very pleasant indeed! I cannot wait to see the rest 0f the pictures!

  2. Because of course, and a lot of fun was had. 🙂 I like you and your friends’ attitude.
    With all due respect to the marmotte stays, I do believe the gilt ones are a great match for a white fairy outfit. And with it, instead of marmot hair, you could have dinosaur hair! (Your hairstyle’s a little similar to my sister’s wedding hairstyle, by the way, though more poofy. I knew hers was historically plausible when I saw it. 😉 )

    (I realised Madame O always reminds me of a lady who lives nearby who’s a kitchen fairy. I guess Madame O’s the same, costume-wise.)

  3. What an awesome party theme! You all have amazing follow-through as well. Those costumes and desserts look amazing! Looks like fun was had by all involved.

  4. Your photos make me miss going to look at the seals!
    And it looked like a massively successful party.

  5. […] I think this is what I want my birthday party next year to be.  Except we’ll be in the homestretch of AnniPotts wedding, so maybe the year after? Fairies! And Dinosaurs! At Versailles! […]

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