The HSF: Challenge #3: Under it All

Every great historical outfit starts with the right undergarments, and, just in time for Valentines day, here’s you’re excuse to make them. Chemises, corsets, corded petticoats, drawers, garters, stockings…if it goes under your garments, it qualifies.

When you are done, post a link to your photos or blog post in the comments, or in the event photo album  on Facebook.

Not sure what to make?  I’ll be leading a Panier-Along, teaching you how to make panier  based on information in Norah Waugh’s Corsets & Crinolines, a number of extent paniers, and  the panier pattern at Tidens Tøj.

The Panier-Along

And here are my finished paniers:

1770s paniers

What did you make?


  1. I love you. Seriously, you’re reading my mind and I want to make costumes with you.
    (I’m way too excited, sorry)

  2. I’m making a set of late 1780s/ early 90s underwear. I just finished the stays, but I’ve got a few more things to make before I’m done this challenge.

    I started a pair of paniers too! But I’m not including them in the set of underwear I’m making for the challenge, since they’re a bit earlier.

    These challenges are just too much fun to pass up, I’m spending almost every minute of my spare time sewing thanks to you!

    • I’m updating what I wrote before. I’m really sick this week and there’s no way I’ll get all the underwear done before the 11th. I might finish the bum pillow in time, but not the petticoats. These stays will probably be the only thing I submit for this challenge.

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    Well, I decied to make a hoopskirt with some zip ties intead of metal wire, like my originals. This is the result. Yeah. I know it isn’t in that field of “historically accurate,” at all. The original idea was to have the fabric continue up to the waist, but it was too much, so I cut it all off and replaced it with ribbon. I included a picture with my purple skirt an a petticoat over the hoop skirt so you could see the effect. It certainly does it’s job! I had made three hoops out of wire, and the one I copied for this was the smallest of them all. I usually like my skirts a bit wider than that, but this is a nice size.

    The Challenge: Under it All

    Fabric: Muslin from ma’ stash

    Pattern: Drafted myself; pretty much a rectangle sewn into a tube, than turned in on itself, kind of like a donut (think of a “u” shape revolved around an axis, to think of it in terms of calculus). Then I just stuck the zip ties in there and basted the fabric together to form the top of the lowest channel and both sides of the upper channel. It’s relitively simple.

    Year: Lets just say it’s a light, modern interpretation of the classic 1860s hoop

    Notions: Ribbon and zip ties

    How historically accurate is it? 🙁

    Hours to complete: I’d say around two or three

    Total cost: Probably only a few dollars. I got a lot of zip ties that I plan on using for several things in the future.

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