Sewing Cats

Couturier Cat, 1927, by Leonard Tsuguharu Foujita (French-Japanese, 1886-1968)

Couturier Cat, 1927, by Leonard Tsuguharu Foujita (French-Japanese, 1886-1968)

I know that expression.  Kitty is deciding which toy to play with first.  The cunning roll-y spool of thread?  The swishing, spiraling tape measure?  The clinking, rattling thimble which spins across the floor so enthrallingly?  The wound thread, which unwinds into such delicious knots and tangles?  Or the temping, but oh-so-dangerous kitty pick-up-stick pins?

Felicity gives my notions that exact same look!

At least she’s learned to avoid the needles and pins


  1. Yes, it is very good that Felicity has learned to avoid the needles and pins (I read that post….)

    I vote for the thimble; cats love things that roll *and* make noise at the same time!

    • Thimbles are popular! Fiss likes to pick up her toys in her mouth, and she isn’t so keen on biting metal (is this a general cat thing, or something she learned from the needle incident?) so she’s more likely to go for the wooden spool. Knocking thimbles to the ground to hear the sound is great fun though!

  2. Lynne says

    A treasure of a picture!

    I once found my late Flora cat sitting on the floor with a silly look on her face, and a thread of cotton hanging out of her mouth (still mercifully attached to the reel). Her look was even more singular as I gently pulled the thread out…

    • Isn’t is just wonderful! I want to try to pose Felicity in a replica!

      Oh no! I’m so glad that Felicity has never shown any inclination to eat threads and ribbon. That can be so dangerous, and it would be impossible to keep them away from her with my work.

  3. I know what that cat’s tail is doing…twitching…jerkily…back and forth…in calculating precision!

  4. I used to have a cat that would pull all the pins out of the pin cushion. She would just leave them on the floor or table (where ever she found it). And all my cats love when i cut out patterns because I make paper balls for them to chase once and then forget about.

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