Glamour puss

Felicity has been a rather recalcitrant model lately, and has disappeared whenever the light was good and the camera came out.

Yesterday though, I was sorting some gorgeous vintage lace that I recently acquired, and Miss Fiss decided she wasn’t going to be out-admired by some lace.  So she occupied it, and set out to prove that she was more gorgeous and glamorous than the lace.

Felicity the cat thedreamstress.comThis is my best side

Felicity the cat thedreamstress.comNow get a full face shot while I do my ‘pensive’ pose.

Felicity the cat thedreamstress.comAnd a tail shot.  I have a great tail.

Felicity the cat thedreamstress.comI’m ready for my close up Miss Mommes

Once I’d taken a couple dozen photos, I tried to tempt her from her bed of  lace with that most forbidden of pleasures:  pattern tissue.  She wasn’t having any of it.  Pattern tissue is no fun if it is allowed!

Felicity the cat thedreamstress.com


  1. I think she’s right 🙂 the lace is lovely, but a beautiful cat is more gorgeous than any lace.

  2. Miss Felicity,
    Your glamour eclipses the lace: your delicate paws, your fine profile, your so-fluffy fur.

    Truly, you have achieved stardom, because my Muffin, if she would awake from her nap to look, which she refuses to do at the moment, would be beset with admiration. That’s saying a bit, given that she’s a proud and prancy long-haired calico too, if one who rather needs a bath (it’s springtime and she bathes in pollen outdoors).

    Very best,


  3. And of course, it’s not cat fun when it’s allowed. It’s better to occupy the lace. Her human wants the lace, ergo it’s better. Simple logic.

  4. I have totally done that before — “allowed” Walnut onto pattern tissue in hopes that he would get off of fabric — but somehow cats just know when you’re trying to get them to cooperate!

    I love those side 3/4 profile shots of Miss Fiss…she’s a looker all right!

  5. Perhaps you should try inveigling her to drape herself around your shoulders like a stole – “beauty without cruelty” as Nanny Ogg says.

  6. Grace Darling says

    With those whiskers, I reckon Felicity is my aunty Karlene

  7. Felicity makes my (cold, rainy) day! Thank you for the fluffy treat!

  8. Claire Payne says

    Claws and lace? Oh you are brave! Miss Fissy is so gorgeous however that I can see why you would let her play.

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