Maybe it’s the oncoming winter, maybe it’s withdrawal after how awesome last weekend was, maybe it’s the phase of the moon, or some weird pollen in the air, but this weekend I’m feeling really low and grumpy.

I’m grumpy about how behind I am with sewing, and grumpy that I still haven’t managed to show you The Project (I keep scheduling photoshoots, and every time I have one all ready to go, something comes up and I have to postpone).  I’m grumpy that the house is messy, and that I have to cook dinner, and with how I parked the car, and that I made a stupid grammatical  error in an email and hit ‘send’ before I noticed it.  I’m grumpy that there is nothing good on TV, and that it’s cold, and that the heater makes it too hot, and that I’ve probably made a number of grammatical errors in this paragraph, because I’m grumpy…

Well, they are all dumb, silly things to be grumpy about.  I know I’ve accomplished a lot, and that my sewing is going to be beautiful, and that life is good, and yet my brain still decides to jump on something really, really inconsequential, and freak the heck out about it.  Right now it’s having a meltdown because someone made a brusque comment on a pinterest pin.  My logical brain says “Really?  NOT an issue!  It’s a pin!  You don’t know them, delete it, move on, get over it.”, but my emotional brain is hyperventilating.

You know those times when your whole world feels like it’s collapsing, even though everything is actually just fine?  This is one of those times

It will pass, I know it will.  And it’s something that happens to most of us.  But right now it really sucks when half my brain is trying to tell me I suck!

The only thing I can really do is keep pushing forward, doing the things I know would normally make me happy, and trusting that my mind will figure out the tangle eventually. So tonight I’m going to try to finish my white sewing project, and get a good start on my black  sewing project, and maybe do a little tidying, and have a cuddle with Fiss and Mr D.

Mr D will help with tea, and Fiss will help by sitting on my lap and looking up at me in adoration, and will un-help by lying all over my patterns and sewing projects just while I try to work on them, because that’s how she makes things better!

Felicity the cat thedreamstress.com


Felicity the cat thedreamstress.com

Even at their naughtiest, cat’s are rather good megrim solvers…


  1. I’m sending you a big, warm mental hug right now. I hope the grumpiness passes! <3

  2. Aw. By all means go and let Felicity console you. I’ve been having a few megrims myself lately, and it’s pretty warm here now!

  3. I know how you feel, I kind of feel the same right now, but I have a lot on my plate so my head is full of stuff that needs to be done/redone 🙁

    It helps me to make a list about things that are good, that I’ve done are just good about me, and make a small to- do list for this day, like 5 tiny things and 5 big things. It always feels good to be able to stripe things through 🙂

    • I hope your own megrims get better soon. For me, they are totally illogical, so no matter how much I got done, it wouldn’t help. It’s not about the reality of getting things done or not, it’s about the brain freaking out. But lists are great!

  4. Yes, go for the things that really make you smile! I can entirely understand the grumpy for no or little reason feelings. I hope they pass quickly!


  5. Sorry to hear that you’re having a bad time. As you say, it happens to us all, and it does pass, but neither of these are much help (however much your logical brain says they should be) when you’re in the grip of the megrims.

    Just keep on with the sewing (and playing with Fiss, of course!), and eventually you’ll realise that for no apparent reason you’re feeling much better.

    • Thanks! It helps to know that it does happen to everyone, and (luckily) this time it passed very quickly for me. Lots of help from Fiss I guess 😉

  6. Zach says

    I know the feeling. It’s okay, though. It’s okay to feel that way. It’s natural to feel grumpy sometimes. I’ve been through the same thing many times, and I know my biggest problem is that by the time I get that way I don’t care about anything. I don’t want to be “un-grumpy” because I just don’t care. Is that the way you feel? I tend to feel an occasional bout of regret and guilt for those feelings, but you know what? It’s okay to feel. We can’t be bright, happy faces all of the time. Sometimes we just have bad days (or weekends) when nothing seems to go right, even if some things are going right (or even down-right wonderful). We can’t all be optimistic twenty-four hours a day, every day.
    Since we’ve never met, I don’t know how you are personally, but sometimes (and this is very true with me) we can hold in so much and think about only the good points of a situation until feelings build up enough to where they just “burst” out. Sometimes it makes us grumpy, and if that is the case, then it’s good. It’s good to get it all out of our systems, go to sleep, wake up, and if we’re still feeling grumpy, then we can go somewhere. I’ve found it so refreshing to find a quiet spot to sit alone and just relax. It helps a great deal, and soon I get back to feeling “normal.”

    • Thanks Zach. I don’t mind being grumpy, but I hate being grumpy when there is no obvious reason.

      I do feel the pressure to have a chipper public face. There are many times when I want to answer blog questions (always from randoms on tutorials, never from the regulars) with snark, because the questions are SO dumb. But I don’t. And I’m really, REALLY bad at telling people to stuff it when they are the ones who are being turds. I always feel obliged to be nice and be the one to make up, even when the other person is very much at fault. So I end up with a lot of people who know they can always walk over me, and I’m sure this doesn’t help!

  7. Grace Darling says

    When I’m not indulging fantasies of my unlived life as a Costumer Designer for Weta, I do astrology. I can tell you the moon entered the sign of Libra on May 10th and that the planet Mars is retrograde in Libra. In a nutshell, somebody will brusque up against you, tip your teeter-totter over and put you into a purging of all the “I epic suck”.

    Cat-hart-ically unpleasant.

  8. Oh, I know that feeling…I have just got over a grumpy phase – I was in an absolutely bad mood on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and don’t even know why. I hope you’ll get through your grumpy phase soon. PS: Your cat’s so pretty. She makes me want to forget about my cat allergy and get a cat right now.

  9. Poor Leimomi. It sucks to have the megrims and I hope you feel better soon. Take care, and see a doctor if you don’t feel better in a couple weeks.

  10. I should thank your for introducing me to yet another word. This one’s particularly useful. Everyone feels like that sometimes, and I don’t think we have such a useful one word definition for it in Czech.
    Good luck with your white and black projects, too!

    • P.S. Although we do have a two-word definition, introduced by Jaroslav Foglar, a famous children’s / young adult books author here. “Vánoční nálada” = “Christmas mood”. It’s very ironic, and ironically, very apt. I thought I’d share that joke with you, too, because now you can say you’re in a Christmas mood. 🙂

  11. Oh my sweet, as you know I do am susceptible to the megrims, but thank you so much for the word, which I had forgotten.
    There’s something about it that I find immediately cheering! I mean if one is going to feel grumpy, why not call it the Megrims and have fun with it xoxo

  12. I know the feeling.
    And I was about publishing a post about how my cat helped me the same way did your today.
    But I’m just going to postpone it..bucause I’m just too lazy today 😛

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