This total lack of fun is brought to you by…

The flu.

First awful, ghastly non-fun news:

I’m too ill to lecture, so unfortunately both my talks at Handmade have been cancelled.

I’m very sorry for the inconvenience if you have booked one.

The good news is the talk is all ready to go, with some amazing new garments and tons of fascinating info, so it will happen (bigger!  And better!  In a better location!).

Just not this week.  This week is not fun.


Felicity  doesn’t think this week has been  much fun either.

Felicity the cat thedreamstress.comSeriously, she’s hardly moved  from  this position for 72 hours now!  It’s so boring!

Felicity the cat thedreamstress.comNo fabric, no patterns, nothing to play with, nothing to do.
I’m so bored I even miss the annoying way she follows me around with a camera constantly.

Felicity the cat thedreamstress.comI  keep trying to sleep on her chest, but she keeps mumbling something about ‘4.7 kilos of extra pressure’ and shoving me off.

Felicity the cat thedreamstress.comIt’s not like she hasn’t tried to sleep on me or anything.


  1. Claire says

    Get well soon! Flu is no fun at all. I note with interest the hint of crochet bedspread. I do not dare to put mine out for fear of little claws spoiling it but I recall you mentioning how good Miss Fissy is with delicate things. How I wish my purry, furry girlies were the same but Cwtch would no doubt chew my bedspread like she chews most other things.

    Sorry to hear your lecture has been cancelled – I was so tempted to hop on a plane to Wellington to see you in action.

    I wish you a speedy return to full health.

  2. Lynne says

    Felicity is such a dear good cat! Hope you start feeling better soon, so that you can provide diversions for your excellent cat!

  3. I think the Absolute Beginners Class are secretly sighing with relief that you’ll be back next week too!

  4. Dear Leimomi,
    Here’s hoping the flu goes away and leaves you very soon. However, may Felicity always remain close and huggy. As a proven bedside, okay, in-bed sitter and companion, she is officially an Excellent Nurse Cat.

    Very best,

  5. She’s looking after you. Get well soon, flu is a horrible disease.

  6. pinterest.compinterest.comI was just super sick too (from a bad reaction to pain killers for my disability) and my kitty was my constant companion as well. Thus my idea for a little Pinterest board I’ve just started: Cats Who Help. I just pinned two of your photos there, with credit. I hope you don’t mind. Check out the board here:


  7. Stay warm (that 4.7kg hottie should help) and get well soon!
    And definitely let us know when we can put Bigger and Better in the Better Location on the calendar!

  8. So sorry to hear you aren’t well! Thank goodness you have Fliss keeping an eye on you. Hope you feel 100% fabulous soon!

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