Tight Lacing & Twisted Knickers at Handmade!

Are you in Wellington next weekend?

Come see me talk about the history of undergarment construction at Handmade!  I’ve got two talks – one on Saturday morning, one on Sunday morning.  It’s going to be amazing.

The 1877 'Nana' corset thedreamstress.com


Tickets available here.


  1. Oooh, tempted!
    Houseful of guests for Queen’s Birthday weekend though, so can’t make any promises, which is a pity, because how often do I read about something online that’s happening within an hour’s travel of home? Practically never! Usually the other side of the world, in fact…

  2. But, I’m nowhere near there, like I don’t even think I’m on the same continent as you, so I can’t come hear!
    Any chance you’ll share part of it on here?

  3. The programme says ‘no availability’ – I trust this is due to extreme popularity and not any indisposition on your part!

    • Unfortunately it was due to indisposition. Sadly I’m still far too sick to attempt a talk. The good news is that with the talk all planned, I’ll be offering it a bit later this winter, hopefully at a more convenient time for everyone!

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