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The HSF ’14: Challenge #19: Historical Sew Fortnightly Inspiration

Wooohooo!  The challenge that, of all the challenges in the Historical Sew Fortnightly 2014, I am most excited about is coming up. It’s Challenge #19, due Wednesday 15 October, and the theme is HSF Inspiration: be inspired by something another Historical Sew Fortnightlier has submitted for a challenge to make your own creation for this challenge.

Obviously I’m super excited about this challenge because seeing what everyone else creates, learning from their creations and research, being introduced to new patterns, tutorials, and garments is one of the best things about the Historical Sew Fortnightly.

You can use anything from the HSF ’13, or anything that has been submitted for Challenges 1-18 in the HSF ’14.

The only thing you have to do (other than stick to the general HSF guidelines, of course), is to acknowledge your source (or sources) of inspiration!

So where to begin?

There are blog posts linked through each challenge page on the Historical Sew Fortnightly 2013 page.

And blog posts linked through each challenge page on the Historical Sew Fortnightly 2014 page.

And there are at least 41 albums of inspiration on the Historical Sew Fortnightly facebook page.

Go browse!  Revel in all the deliciousness!  Catch up on all the bits of amazingness you may have missed over the last year and a half!

And if you see something wonderful, even if you don’t use it as your inspiration take the time to tell the maker how fabulous it is! 😉

The one problem that people may have with this challenge is too many choices!

To get you started, here is Felicity being inspired by some of my HSF creations:

Felicity the cat thedreamstress.com

Felicity the cat thedreamstress.com

Felicity the cat thedreamstress.com

Felicity the cat thedreamstress.com

Felicity the cat thedreamstress.com

Granted, sometimes she is just inspired to fall asleep on them!


  1. Elise says

    I’m reminded by the confusion I felt by the anger after Obama’s “You didn’t build that” quote. For those who don’t recall, he was talking about how we all are influenced by each other: teachers, parents, friends, role models, along with institutional help like schools, grants and tax breaks. But many people decided to take offense and turn it ugly.

    That quote resonated with me because we are lucky enough to live in a modern world where lives are saved through doctors keeping up on their peers’ latest research, and where beauty is accelerated through the reinterpretation of other people’s ideas proliferating through the Internet. I think Pinterest is just so cool.

    So how wonderful to have a project that will acknowledge the hard work of others and so that the group can advance as a whole. So cool. What a wonderful spirit! Thanks!

      • No, I love that fashion and history and the HSF can lead to real discussions! And it’s absolutely true that everything I create is the accumulated result of all the people who have taught me and helped me and inspired me and given me bits for my stash!

    • This is why I have a Creative Commons licence on my blog – I want people to be able to share freely. Culture should be free, and so should inspiration!

      I’m also very glad of people who take good photos and make them CC – because I like to illustrate my posts and, well, let’s just say photography is not my talent 🙂

      I must confess, though, that although I love to admire others’ handiwork, there isn’t much sewing inspiration on my blog, unless you count the Jabberwocky taxidermy…

  2. Prentice says

    Finally, I am able to post. Computer problems and other life events.
    Challenge #19


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