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A glimpse of yellow (& Katherine Mansfield)

I have been so busy with life and work and events that I’ve gotten ridiculously behind on the HSF blogging: both in showing off my own items for each challenge, and in general blog posts.  I’m going to be trying to remedy that over the next week, as well as showing you photos from Clothing the World of Katherine Mansfield as they come in.

Today, I can accomplish both!

The photos are technically terrible, because my camera is a $900 piece of crap (dear Canon: in case you aren’t already aware, the S100 sucks, has seriously dented my faith in you as a camera company, and should never have been released) and can’t handle movement or low light, or macros.  But  anyway…

Stockings!  Bright, kowhai yellow stockings!

Clothing the World of Katherine Mansfield thedreamstress.com

Hidden demurely under frills of petticoat and the 1906 Greek Key dress, in a nod to Katherine’s fondness for bright coloured stockings.

Clothing the World of Katherine Mansfield thedreamstress.com

Aren’t they fabulous?

Clothing the World of Katherine Mansfield thedreamstress.com

And they are my entry for the HSF ‘Yellow’ Challenge (#17) – they were done during the challenge, but I didn’t get photographs until yesterday .

The Challenge:  #17  Yellow

Fabric:  1/2 of  kowhai/sulfur yellow merino wool knit

Pattern:  My own

Year:  1902-6

Notions:  cotton thread.

How historically accurate is it?:  Not really, as 1900s stockings were knit into shape, not sewn.

Hours to complete:  20 minutes.  Love making stockings

First worn:  For ‘Clothing the World of Katherine Mansfield’, Sat 4 Oct

Total cost:  Under $5.

And yes, the stockings pattern is coming REALLY soon!  It’s just been on the back burner with other stuff.


  1. Jeanette Murray says

    That shade of yellow is divine and so very fun! Looking forward to the commentary on the event!

  2. YELLOW!
    Embroider them, and they’re just like this extant pair that keeps popping up… it’s the same bright shade. (I can never remember where it’s from, but I think Kyoto.)

  3. You have brilliant models, and you gave an excellent talk. I learned a lot and it was great to see your HSF projects in person. I love that paisley skirt!

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