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The Ngaio blouse has a day off from crime and drama

My first photoshoot with the Ngaio blouse  was all very dramatic and formal – pencil skirt, stockings, heels, finding black and white backdrops in the CBD, and me giving the camera  my best ‘come hither’ eyes and ‘don’t even think about coming hither’ chin lift.

When we got home, I put on jeans, and curled up on the couch to do the last of my semester’s marking.  After a few hours of that, I popped out into the yard to enjoy the sun and give my eyes and brain a rest, and Mr D got another sew of photos of the blouse: relaxed, casual, hanging out with Felicity.

The Ngaio blouse thedreamstress.com

(and yes, the house needs painting,  It’s on our to-do list to sort this summer.  Colour suggestions?)

The Ngaio blouse thedreamstress.com

I think I like the blouse  even better worn this way!

The Ngaio blouse thedreamstress.com

Certainly Felicity does. 😉

The Ngaio blouse thedreamstress.com

The Ngaio blouse thedreamstress.com

The Ngaio blouse thedreamstress.com

The Ngaio blouse thedreamstress.com


  1. Deanna says

    Very versatile blouse! Felicity is such a funny ball of fluff. 🙂

    I suggest pale-ish yellow for paint. Cheerful (but not overwhelming) in cold weather, and harmonious in warm weather.

  2. It’s just as nice with jeans as it is with a pencil skirt. Truly a blouse for all occasions.

  3. White is lovely but a) shows wear quickly (sounds like a dress!) and b) can be dazzling in NZ light. Perhaps cream with dusky blue or sage green trim?

  4. Claire says

    It reminds me of the 1940’s silk blouse I made on our vintage sewing day. Very nice and oh so versitile. And of course Miss Fissy’s approval is everything when it comes to new garments.

  5. Cute! I like it this way, too, although it’s a lovely piece to dress up when you want to. 🙂


  6. Lynne says

    Most important point from this post? Felicity looks absolutely adorable, doing the ‘roll on her back and get grabby’ thing! Melt.

    The blouse looked super as a skirt and heels number, but it looks just as good with jeans. This is a pattern that deserves to be made a lot.

    House? White. (a) Line of least resistance – it is easiest to follow like with like (how many coats did it take to cover the purple?), (b) it reflects the light, so will last longer than a dark colour ( I do wish I hadn’t painted my window-sills brown!), and (c) it looks fresh and crisp and will suit the house.

  7. Agree with the pale yellow suggestion. Some warmth on overcast/rainy/gloomy days would be fabulous. And if it’s sunny, you won’t notice it’s yellow.

    Love the blouse, btw.

  8. I love this blouse… and my mobile internet connection keeps landing me in the spam list, so I’m much later in commenting than intended! It was a very instant ooh, in fact.

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