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A Skating Holiday, 1906 (and sweet treats)

Happy holidays to everyone!

As a little fun for your holidays, here is a costume  for ice skating from the Girl’s Own Paper from March  ’06* (it was either a really cold March, or the fashion editor was already looking forward to next winter!)

Fashions for skating, 1906, The Girls Own Paper


A charming skating costume with the new full bolero coat with epaulet trimmings of heavy braid.  The tunic, which is graduated upwards at the back, shows a full skirt, foot-free in length, trimmed with narrow bands of fur.  The sleeve of this costume, which would do equally well for walking, is particularly neat.  Rolled velvet could be substituted for fur on the skirt.

You’d certainly be cosy, but I can’t imagine it would be easy to skate in!

Fashions for skating, 1906, The Girls Own Paper thedreamstress.com

And, as an extra bonus, here is a page of ‘Continental Sweetmeat’ recipes from the same magazine for your delectation.  If you do make one of these recipes please report back!

Continental Sweetmeat recipes, The Girls Own Paper, 1907 thedreamstress.com


*Many thanks to Daniel for correctly dating this plate, as my pages are all loose and un-dated.


  1. Lynne says

    What a charming outfit! Though I can’t see that hat staying on long. I do like the epaulets on the coat.

    There is a lot of ‘swimming butter’ going on in those recipes – I think I’ll settle for strawberries on my porridge for the sake of my arteries. 🙂

  2. That’s my birthday! Well, not in 1907. 😀
    She does look like a rather uncertain skater to me… But I’m imagining that outfit in wool and fur / velvet, and it would be very lovely and cosy indeed… almost a waste for skating. Of course, as a social event, it would have required a pretty costume! And I imagine that back detailing would do all sorts of intriguing things in movement on the ice.

    Happy holidays!

  3. I must hold up my hands here – I have just skimmed through my bound volume for late 1905 through to October 1906 and I can’t find this illustration in there, but was SO sure I had seen it….! I may have seen it somewhere else but I don’t have any other 1900s volumes of the Girl’s Own Paper.

    • So it’s either Nov-Dec ’06, or Jan ’07 (or possibly Nov/Dec ’07, but I don’t think so)! One day we shall nail it down for sure!


        I went through my scans from when I was doing Edwardian Fashion (easier to do so than manhandle the hefty volume) and I found it! It is actually from MARCH 1906. (March?! Must have been a VERY cold March.)

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