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A bit of fun sewing: cushions

Do you know that I do lots of sewing that never makes it to the blog?

I do!  Mostly cardigans and t-shirts.  This would be a really boring blog if I showed you all the cardigans and t-shirts I make.  And knickers.  This would be a really weird blog if I showed you all the knickers I make.

But I also trial patterns, and make class sample, and make stuff I just forget to blog about.

Here are a few cushions I made a couple of weeks back as class samples.  One with buttons (and sailboats!  Mr D likes sailboats):

Button Cushion The

And one with bobbles (because bobbles make everything better):

Bobble cushion The

And lastly, one with an appliqued kiwi (because New Zealand!).

Applique cushion


The fabric for the sailboat, and the wool plaid and red for the applique cushions are things I picked up at Fabric-a-Brac in Palmy and Wellington, respectively.  The bobble cushion is made with fabric I inherited from Nana, and have held on to because I knew that one day it would be perfect for something.

I’m liking these so much I’m beginning to think I should make a blue slipcover for the couch and go red, ivory and blue in the lounge for a while…

I photographed the process of making the applique and button cushions so I could do tutorials, but the photos are a bit problematic because bright red isn’t great for details.  Silly mistake of mine!


  1. I guess lots of us usually only blog the most interesting stuff 🙂 I know I leave out quite a few cushions, skirts for ordinary wear, e.t.c.

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