What I’m working on for Art Deco 2015

I haven’t been doing many sewing progress posts lately, because the hectic sewing schedules of Fortnightly challenges made them impractical.

Project progress posts are one thing I’m hoping to get back into this year.  Along with progress!  And bigger projects.

At the moment I’m working on a bigger project with lots of little parts: new stuff for Napier’s Art Deco Weekend.  Well, maybe.  I’ve gone for the last three years, but there is a lot going on right now and I’m not sure if I’m actually going this year.  I have to decide really soon, because I have a booking!

Going or not, I’m still sewing Art Deco.

I’ve taken over the dining room:

Art Deco Sewing thedreamstress.com1

What am I making?  More beach pyjamas, because they are the most comfortable outfit ever!

I’m using Wearing History’s Chic Ahoy pattern  as a base  (she has an actual beach pajama pattern too, but I didn’t have any in-stash fabrics that match it).

My inspiration is looks like this, with halter tops:

Beach pajamas for sailing, 1930s

Beach pajamas for sailing, 1930s

And button front trousers:

Beach pajamas, 1920s

Beach pajamas, 1920s

I prefer the beach pyjama looks where the tops and bottoms don’t match:

Beach pyjamas on the Cote D'Azure, colourized postcard, 1930s

Beach pyjamas on the Cote D’Azure, colourized postcard, 1930s

I’m afraid I’m not game enough for the ruffle hem on these ones though:

Dutch couple on the beach, 1930s

Dutch couple on the beach, 1930s

Here is my halter (isn’t the fabric fabulous! I’ve had it stashed for three years for this!):

Art Deco Sewing thedreamstress.com2

It ties behind the neck with a knotted cord, and wraps around the waist with long ties that can go around twice and still tie and hang down.  The pants are in blue linen and just need hemming.

I’m also hoping to get a sporty 1930s dress in green and white done in time, but I’m going to really have to sew like mad to get it done.  This is half my  inspiration:

McCalls 8257


And the other half is my repro vintage Keds:

Art Deco Sewing thedreamstress.com4

They need a green and white sporty ’30s frock to go with them!  The green fabric are just going to be piping and trim (dependent on what I find in my button stash).

Sadly I don’t actually own the McCall’s pattern, so I’m going to cobble it together from patterns I do own, and a bit of drafting.

Well, if I want that I’d better get sewing!  Wish me luck!



  1. Oh wow! Those Ked’s are amazing! And I really love fabric choices for the various pieces you’re planning.

    • Aren’t they fabulous? I got them for a song on major clearance, but it turns out they are now basically collectors items. My lucky day! 😀

      And thank you! I think I have enough of that bright green plaid to make a full ’30s dress as well. And I know just the pattern…

  2. Snap! I’ve just finished some beach pyjamas for this year. I love your Keds, they’re very cute. Hope to see you up there next weekend!

  3. Lynne says

    I do indeed wish you luck! Those shoes were a find! And I love the halter top.

  4. I love these beach pyjamas. They look like they might make good work trousers too, and I’m starting to think I may need to replace my current work trousers, so perhaps I will make a pair for one of the HSM challenges.

  5. Late 1920’s early 30’s beach pyjamas are great… Thanks for reminding me I should make my own this coming summer.

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