Even her glorious Fiss-ness…

Sometimes  looks less than adorable and dignified.

Felicity the cat thedreamstress.com

And since I am rotten and evil, I photograph it and share it (it’s payback for the occasional arm and ankle embellishments she bestows upon me).

And for the unfortunate incident of the mouse in the lounge….


  1. Miss Felicity, while not at all dignified, you are still quite evilly adorable. Please do leave the mice alone or they just might nibble that pretty fur between your cute little paw pads!
    Very best,

  2. Lynne says

    I think she still looks adorable, too. And a little outraged, for some reason. And she has the best whiskers!

  3. Now I am agog with interest – what was the Incident of the Mouse in the Lounge? (It was Miss Fiss! In the Lounge! With the Mouse!) And was it as bad as the mouse which our cats “lost” under the fridge for some days?

    • Miss Fiss managed to catch a mouse (hot dry summer meant a mouse outbreak, meaning one of them was dumb enough for even a cat who we accidentally trained to be afraid of mice (long story) to catch). She brought the mouse into the house so it wouldn’t get away, dropped it in the lounge, freaked out when it moved, and it ran under the couch before I could catch it and take it outside. And it hasn’t been seen since :-/

      • She needs to go on Cat Shaming http://cat-shaming.tumblr.com/
        We had a similar incident with a rat in the kitchen. Brave cat brought it in and then got bored and wandered off. Our other 2 cats then watched from a same distance as I used an umbrella to get it out from under the freezer…

      • Cats are weird that way. We had one bring in a live blackbird once: it got away from her and she fled the house in terror while we went around opening windows in the hope that it would fly out, which it (mercifully) did.
        That wasn’t as bad as the phase one of our cats went through of hiding things in my footwear – dead mouse in slipper, dead weta in shoe… He was, of course, incensed that I dared to move them 🙂

  4. Claire Payne says

    I don’t know if it is a comfort to hear other tales of cats bringing in ‘presents’ and getting bored with them, but we walked into the bedroom one day to find two birds, each perched on top of a curtain rail. Let us not think about how they got there but I dare say my purry, furry girlies had quite a party.

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