Wonder Unders

UPDATE:  Want to make your own Wonder Unders?  You can now buy the knickers pattern (along with a singlet camisole and slip pattern) through my pattern line: Scroop Patterns.  Get it here!

Superheroes are awesome.

Is there anyone ever  who hasn’t wanted to be a superhero?  Or played at being a superhero?

I know I have and this is despite the fact that I made it to adulthood without ever having read a single superhero comic,* seen a single episode of a superhero TV show, or watched a single superhero movie.

Despite this, I somehow knew about superheros, and, of course, their costumes.   The salient points being they wear 1) capes, and 2)  underwear on the outside.

As a kid I was extremely envious of my older sister, because someone had made her a red superhero cape with her initial on it, and I didn’t have a cape.  Much later, she made me a cape…out of crazy cat lady fabric (it had photorealistic cat heads completely covering it).

Not quite the same… (but I still loved it, because c’mon, crazy cat lady cape?  How could you not!)

I never did the underwear on the outside thing though, and (other than wearing actual historical underwear in public) I’m a bit old for it now.  That doesn’t mean I don’t want superhero undies though!

Enter, the Wonder Unders!

Wonder Unders thedreamstress.com3


Made out of incredibly buttery soft brown cotton knit  with gold sparkles (so sparkly!) and bound in sparkly silver foldable elastic binding (a present from the lovely Sewphist) they are the perfect hidden disguise for my superhero alter ego….

Hedgehog Girl!  

(Abilities include rescuing hedgehogs, being adorable, being prickly, rolling into a ball and ignoring the world, poking people I don’t like)

Wonder Unders thedreamstress.com1


The fabric was from Global Fabrics some 4 or 5 years ago, and was left over from an unsuccessful T-shirt dress that I made with it.  Somewhere I think I still have the T-shirt dress, and when I find it, there will be more…!

(maniacal hedgehog laughter)

Wonder Unders thedreamstress.com2


I ran out of silver binding before I ran out of fabric, so I finished  the last pair in less exciting picot elastic.

Obviously I’m only going to wear these for special occasions, when I need to channel the extraordinary  powers of Hedgehog Girl.

And, as a bonus, a pair of stunt unders for The Amazing Owless:

Wonder Unders thedreamstress.com4


They are stunt unders because the fabric is AWESOME, but totally unsuitable for actual wear (no recovery, a tendency to pill), so I made them as a demonstration piece during a class, and will keep them for teaching, because obviously I can’t show students actual unders.

But they have an owl on the bum, so someone needs to see them!

*Unless Calvin’s Stupendous Man counts.

** The original Unders post, if you’re wondering about the pattern, how I make them, etc.


  1. Wait. (Google check.) There are hedgehogs in New Zealand??! For some reason this blows me away. On another note, are your undies self-drafted or a purchased pattern?

  2. I’ve always thought the reason superman wears pants over his tights is to stop ’em falling down and wrinkling at the ankle. Because when you have chunky thighs that does tend to happen. 😉

  3. Yay for tiggies!
    Everyone needs a superhero alter ego – that’s why I refer to my husband as the Caped Gooseberry. Still haven’t made him a fitting costume, though…

  4. Deanna says

    Okay, Hedgehog Girl’s abilities are completely awesome, and I would love to have them! The unders are sparkly wonderful and yet somehow rather subtle. And the owl bum stunt unders are great.

    I have a super hard time wrapping my head around *hedgehogs* being considered pests. They are so adorable and I think I have loved them ever since reading Miss Jaster’s Garden.

    Also, I feel I must put in a word for the funniest underwear on the outside superhero I remember: Quail Man, from when my younger sister used to watch Doug, . 🙂

  5. Grace says

    I must be missing something. I redhead the original knickers post and didn’t see anything about how to make them. I for one would love a class like what you did with the pajama pants. I’d be willing to pay!!!!

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