Felicity, Sewing

On my sewing table this week

I’m doing tons of sewing at the moment, and actually have photoshoots scheduled this weekend and next weekend, so I’m sewing like mad, and you’ll get to see the finished projects soon!

So what am I working on?

A shirt, with amazing chevroned sleeves that I am quite pleased with.

On my sewing table thedreamstress.com

And a skirt to go with it, in delicious navy wool from a recent Fabric Warehouse  pop-up shop sale (aka cheapskate fabric lovers nirvana).

On my sewing table thedreamstress.com

And a petticoat to go under the skirt (made from old sheets and tablecloths – of course!)

On my sewing table thedreamstress.com

And not one, but TWO corsets!  One in white, one in cream, because I’ve decided I don’t have enough neutral corsets.

On my sewing table thedreamstress.com1

Felicity has, of course, been helping with everything, from overseeing the pattern matching:

On my sewing table thedreamstress.com

To taking baths while I make burritos:

On my sewing table thedreamstress.com

Because the most important thing on any sewing table is always the sewing cat!


  1. Mrs Bertin says

    Can I ask what is the pattern you are using for the skirt? I’ve been meaning to make something like this, but can’t seem to find a nice pattern

    • No pattern I’m afraid – I just base my gores on the width of the fabric (which is completely historical – no fabric wasteage that way), and then pleat in the extra at the back. For the petticoat I’m using the Folkwear 1900s Walking Skirt pattern, which is a basic gored skirt, but with back gathers instead of pleats.

  2. Lynne says

    I think I recognise a petticoat edge! Happy day!

    This looks very pleasing and useful. Lovely chevrons on the sleeves.

  3. I like the damask in the corset. I don’t know where you got it, or what fibre it is for that matter, but it puts me in mind of the old duvet covers lingering around our house… and I believe it has just given me an idea as to what to cover my sister’s corset, currently being made, with.

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