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Never tell Stella a secret…*

Priscilla has a secret, and she told it to Stella:

Anne of Green Gables in Taranaki thedreamstress.com03

Oh my!  How deliciously juicy!

Anne of Green Gables in Taranaki thedreamstress.com04

Did Stella keep it a secret?

Oh no!

The very first opportunity she had, she turned around and told it to me:

Anne of Green Gables in Taranaki thedreamstress.com05

Naughty Stella!  I’m never telling you a secret!


* This is all, of course, terrible slander on the part of poor Stella’s character, as she’s actually the soul of discretion and I’d trust her with any secret.  But I do think the photos are hilarious!


  1. Kathryn says

    Stella has some pretty glorious facial expressions. I am entertained!

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